NASTF Road to Great Technicians Project


NASTF Education Team Focus 2018 efforts on gathering resources and outlining The Road to Great Technicians

Team EDU started off a with a planning session in Phoenix Feb 2018 to lay ground work for industry collaboration and identify the steps needed and relationships needed to bring all of the different interests and expertise together to work on this pervasive problem.
The group quickly identified that the problem is more than just a supply problem. The industry has been very poor at retaining the students that complete programs with close to 50% leaving the industry within the first 2 years. 
The R2GT team is a subset of the overall Team EDU that has held numerous meetings in person at industry education events with the intent of building a frame work for the industry to work together within. The group has socialized all of its outcomes and findings back to stakeholders with very positive responses and several new groups joining the process.
Team Lead Jill Saunders, Toyota and NASTF EO Donny Seyfer have recruited all the right players for input. 
Industry input has told us that NASTF can be of the most assistance to the industry in the short run by creating a career path that can be used up and down the technician development and career cycle to bring a level of professionalism and clarity so that those who might consider an automotive career can understand all of the requirements and amazing opportunities that are available. 
The team determined that the following areas were their focus going forward. 
  • Develop an entry level skill set recommendation and socialize it with repair shop owners - Completed and can be downloaded by clicking here
  • Connect as many of the apprenticeship and mentoring programs as possible - on going. Will likely hold a meeting in 2019
  • Create a training and competency frame work for each developmental level of the technician career cycle that industry can "hang" their training programs on - partially complete 
  • Address the opportunities that exist for senior technicians and create a resources to encourage them to stay in the industry in other capacities.