MERCEDES - The Xentry 3 OEM tool is available to independent technicians. Click HERE for ordering information. (8/29/17)

HONDA/ACURA no longer offers the reprogramming software for free. It is offered to paid subscribers of the i-HDS diagnostic and reprogramming software suite. Because Honda no longer supports the legacy reprogramming software, "J2534 Pass-Thru ECU Reprogramming Software", the calibrations in the library are no longer being updated. Honda recommends using the latest "J2534 Rewrite" software instead, as the calibrations included there are actively updated. The NASTF website will be updated soon to reflect this change. (4pm ET, May 22, 2017)

HONDA/ACURA tech info website URL extension changed to .aspx. New URL is https://techinfo.honda.com/rjanisis/logon.aspx (4/25/2017)

MAZDA special service tool 49 G067 0A0 is a doppler simulator used to calibrate blind spot monitoring modules (usually after a rear-end collision repair). The Mazda website refers aftermarket techs to the Mazda dealer for "special service tools." This tool, however, has very limited application, used only on BSM version 2 where Mazda is already implementing BSM version 3, which uses a different tool. DSM Version 2 is only in 2016-2018 MX-5 and CX-3 models and this tool may only be needed for five model years on these two models. This tool, 49 G067 0A0, is available for purchase from Mazda by contacting dconsta1@mazdausa.com. If the $4000+ price does not make a business case, Mazda dealers, if convenient, do have the tool and can perform the calibration. (3/30/17)

VOLVO TRUCK - Programming of the Volvo/Mack Transmission control unit that is the subject of NASTF SIR #722 will be possible within the release of a new Premium Tech Tool (PTT) expected about May 1, 2017. After release, HD techs will need to update their version of PTT to 2.5.70 to add that new programming capability. There will be no charge for the addition of that programming capability on their current subscription, but when techs renew their PTT subscription, Volvo Truck may have implemented an increase from the current $200 (12-month) PTT subscription rate. (2pm EDT, 3/21/2017)

MOPAR/FCA wiTECH1, wiTECH2 & J2435 information updated on NASTF website. See special wiTECH page. (March 14, 2017)

Ferrari has re-launched their technical service information website and changes have been made to nastf.org to reflect their URL change to https://techinfo.ferrari.com/. In addition, Ferrari has released instructions for the purchase of their OEM diagnostic/programming tool (software). See https://techinfo.ferrari.com/products/diagnosys. (November 15, 2016)

Motor homes - Private motor homes with any OEM’s engine are exempt from the Mass. right to repair law but the HD Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) does provide for access by independent technicians to all 2010 and newer on-highway engine systems installed in RVs. However, motor homes do fall within the regulation of the EPA Service info rule. (UPDATED: Jan 5, 2017)

FCA released an update to their SAE J2534 programming application software to address the “License Violation.  Flash Engine Invalidated” error message.  While testing continues, technicians should report remaining difficulties according to instructions found at http://kb.dcctools.com/index.php?View=entry&EntryID=548. (October 14, 2016)

BMW has resolved the internal software issue affecting replacement DME modules for the X5 and 3 Series with the N55 engine preventing the programming of a new DME with ISTA/P. The latest version of ISTA/P available on the BMW techinfo and MINI techinfo websites corrected this problem. (Sept 22, 2016)

NISSAN has updated it's procedure for purchase by an independent technician of the special tool necessary to replace an air bag. Customers should contact the Nissan Techmate tool and equipment program (800-662-2001 or www.nissantechmate.com).  The part # of the tool is J-44615. (Sept 13, 2016)

NAVISTAR notified NASTF that subscriptions to www.navistarserviceinfo.com will now receive chassis information along with engine service content. (Sept 8, 2016)

NISSAN: NERS 3.06 software version has been released to Nissan-techinfo.com.  This version supports blank RWD, 5 speed TCM programming. (July 19, 2016)

NISSAN clarified how to find the part number for a module when performing blank programming. Use http://infinitiusa.com/parts to look up the part # by VIN then enter Model Year/Model and click Go.  You will then have the option to enter VIN to begin your specific part # search. Once you have your specific part # from http://infinitiusa.com/parts, proceed to www.infiniti-techinfo.com for your purchase of the file.  For a Nissan vehicle, use http://nissanusa.com/parts and www.nissan-techinfo.com. (May 13, 2016)

NISSAN CVT: As discovered in resolving NASTF SIR #726 Nissan discovered that techs outside their dealerships are unable to apply calibration to a used OEM CVT.  Currently calibration data for a used OEM CVT is not available to the independent service professionals.  Nissan is working on making this OEM CVT calibration data available through our www.Nissan-techinfo.com, with an estimated completion date of August 2016. Meanwhile,  to repair this vehicle, the customer has two options: 1) install a Nissan remanufactured or new CVT which will include the calibration CD  2) locate the nearest Nissan dealer to have the CVT calibration data “write” procedure completed. (May 3, 2016) Update: Resolution for independent service is still in development (July 19, 2016)

NISSAN ATC-DT reman transmissions are shipped already programmed, but some Jatco transmissions are shipped un-programmed.  Technicans are advised to follow the instructions that are shipped with the Jatco transmission. (April 11, 2016)

Chrysler (FCA) wiTECH, J2534 and TechAuthority use, license and subscriptions have been a hot topic of concern for technicians since mid-2015. Read HERE NASTF’s understanding of the questions being asked NASTF by independent technicians. (April 4, 2016)

VOLKSWAGEN tells NASTF that they have resolved the programming failure discovered with NASTF SIR #671 addressing it with a diagnostic software update. "Our current software allows the SAE J2534 device to be used...by eliminating the key–on recognition stumbling block. Now, a key-on yes-no function is incorporated in the software for all functions that require it. (February 10, 2016)

HONDA tells NASTF that they have resolved the programming failure discovered with NASTF SIR #671 addressing it with a diagnostic software update. "Our current software allows the SAE J2534 device to be used...by eliminating the key–on recognition stumbling block. Now, a key-on yes-no function is incorporated in the software for all functions that require it. (February 10, 2016)

Ford/Lincoln/Mercury has corrected the unintended misplacement of the programmable module calibration cross-reference, which is now accessible on the free-side of their service information website, without the need for a subscription. (February 1, 2016)

Ford/Lincoln/Mercury technical website address/URL has changed. You may need to update your bookmark to https://www.motorcraftservice.com. (January 22, 2016)

KIA - KIAtechinfo.com has been upgraded and is back online. CLICK HERE to access the Kia TSB (pdf download) describing the website changes that will appear only after a subscription to the Kia site is purchased. (Dec 19, 2015)

NISSAN gives us an example of how technicians may get stuck in the middle when older tools are upgraded without complete back-compatible capabilities. The problem multiplies with service to the older end of our aging U.S. vehicle population. NASTF SIR#694 cites a technician's failure to find an ABS calibration file for a 12 year old Titan. Turns out, that file was only made available on a memory card that interfaces with a Nissan CONSULT II diagnostic tool.  The CONSULT II diagnostic tool has been out of production for 10 years; since superseded by the CONSULT III Plus, which does not have the ability to use that reprogramming file.

According to Nissan, in order to repair this vehicle, the customer has two options: 1) locate an independent service professional or Nissan dealer where they can borrow, rent or contract for a functioning CONSULT II tool and the TSB NTB06-04 reprogramming memory card, or 2) replace the ABS/VDC control unit with a new part. Nissan dealers, too, face that same dilemma. (Dec 2015)

VOLVO VIDA2015, which was introduced earlier this year but would not correctly integrate with the Volvo technical information website for MY2016 models, has been repaired and operates now, as designed. (Nov 2015)

VOLVO VIDA2015 - In response to NASTF SIR#680, which alerted Volvo to an error in VIDA2015 relating to 2016 vehicles, they provide the following: "Volvo Car Group is in the process of rolling out a new VIDA diagnostic system to address the needs of the new models and a new way of doing business. However, as with any large IT project, there have been a few bugs that are still to be ironed out. The release of VIDA 2015 system has had some issues integrating with the Volvo Tech Info website, primarily in the area of software downloading. However, all technical information, including the parts catalog, service information and vehicle diagnostics works as designed.

Volvo recognizes and regrets they have a deficiency as it relates to Independent repairers and MY16 models. However, VIDA Classic remains available to service all other vehicles, the same as it has before, prior to MY16. Volvo IT is working hard to complete the final integration and hopes to have VIDA 2015 up and running for all users as soon as possible.

Once fully released, the VIDA user will enjoy a diagnostic system that is 100% internet based, eliminating the need to wait for a DVD to ship. VIDA installation occurs one time, meaning subsequent subscription purchases are much faster to process. Updates and corrections will occur every two weeks, sometimes even overnight. The Volvo Standard Time Guide becomes an integral part of the application. All in all, VIDA 2015 brings a new, fully integrated diagnostic system that better suits the needs of their vehicles and technicians for years to come." (Oct 2015)

NISSAN has updated NASTF on the expected release date of a software update, indicating NERS does support blank programming (ECM and front wheel drive TCMs), but it has a bug affecting rear wheel drive, blank transmission control modules.  Due to technical difficulties, the release of the update has been delayed until November, 2015. (Oct 2015) UPDATE: Nissan is working to resolve an issue with the NERS 3.05 software version, advising to remove software version 3.05 and re-install version 3.04 until further notice.  Remember, however, NERS 3.04 version does not support blank RWD, 5 speed TCM programming. (March 14, 2016)

TESLA has a technical information website, https://service.teslamotors.com/, added last month to the NASTF OEM Service Website index on the NASTF website. Subscription prices for Tesla service information are: $30/hour, $100/24 hour, $300/month, $3,000/annual. In the USA, subscriptions are available to residents of Massachusetts only, it appears. According to their website, Tesla-approved body shops are eligible for free subscriptions. (Oct 2015)

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