July/August 2014

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But the 3-hour NASTF Fall 2014 General Meeting, November 5 in Las Vegas, will be crammed with many technical topics of interest to technicians, automaker service operations staff and everyone in between.

Automakers are required by law or agreement to provide the same training information to the aftermarket as they provide to their franchise dealers. Many automakers provide much more than is required. But all of it is grossly underutilized by aftermarket technicians. The NASTF panelists in the featured session, Aftermarket Access to OEM Education Resources, will attempt to understand and correct this disconnect between available resources and the needs of the aftermarket technician.

The committee segment of the NASTF Fall 2014 General Meeting will include updates on projects by NASTF Committees including: Vehicle Security, Equipment & Tool, Collision Repair, Service Information, Education and Communications. Watch future editions of this newsletter or visit www.nastf.org/generalmeetings for further information relating to the NASTF Fall 2014 General Meeting.

The AAPEX Show announced that the NASTF Fall 2014 General Meeting will be a part of their extensive Service Professionals Program, a collection of events and sessions organized especially for technicians and shop owners.

For those unable to attend the events during AAPEX/SEMA, during which the NASTF Fall General Meeting is held, NASTF is again planning to broadcast the entire 3-hour event from www.nastf.org. Additionally, the broadcast will be recorded and made available later from the NASTF YouTube Channel.



NISSAN/INFINITI clarifies their resolution to NASTF SIR#577 explaining that an air-bag locking mechanism manufactured by McGard has been sold on very few Nissan/Infiniti vehicles. Service of this mechanism requires a special tool which Nissan makes available to any Nissan or Infiniti vehicle owner whose vehicle is equipped with that McGard locking security equipment. The vehicle owner or an aftermarket service provider acting with the owner may obtain the vehicle-specific "replacement removal key" kit by contacting McGard by telephone at 716.662.8980.  McGard will provide the documentation needed to purchase a replacement removal key on behalf of the vehicle owner.

JAGUAR/LAND ROVER has updated their technical website subscription pricing which appears on the NASTF website at www.nastf.org/OEMprices. Also updated was programming information, the introduction of a manual purchase process for vehicle security codes and the PC specs required to navigate their website and run their programming software.

JLR Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD) for Independent Repairers: Diagnostic Software / Module programming subscriptions (less security access) can be purchased via TOPIx after login from the drop-down on your Account Name at the top of the page. Choose Options, then Programming subscriptions (bottom-right of the page), then click add.

In order to obtain access to security functionality including programming keys, a licensed Locksmith or independent repairer is required to be an active member of the NASTF VSP Registry and must file (with JLR) the manual request form available for download from HERE. The JLR Key Code Request form is also linked from the Jaguar & Land Rover records on the OEM Subscription Price page on the NASTF website. Contact naiosupp@jaguarlandrover.com for further information on security programming.

JLR has also updated their minimum PC specifications: • Intel® Core I5-2520M 2.5GHz processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz • 4GB SDRAM 1333MHz expandable to 8GB • 320GB (7200 RPM) Hard Drive • Must be running IE8 and WIN7 32Bit for SDD.

CHRYSLER updated their prices for key codes. See NASTF Subscription Prices page.

And Chrysler has identified an issue with certain J2534 devices (HardWare/DLL) while programming SCI protocol based ECU reprogramming. This involves all their powertrain ECUs from 1996 model year to 2004 model year and certain ECUs from the 2005 model year.  Recognizing they have no control over the J2534 device manufacturing & software implementation, Chrysler recommends using the CTC Vehicle Box J2534 (http://www.ctchome.com/vehiclebox.html) device while performing SCI protocol-based ECU reprogramming using their J2534 flash application.  Chrysler has not identified any issue with programming SCI protocol ECUs using the CTC Vehicle Box J2534 device.

In response to SIR #589, Chrysler explained that prior to reprogramming the ECU, the Chrysler programming application needs to establish successful communication with that ECU.  Based on the information provided by the user filing SIR#598, there was an issue with the PC communicating with the ECU. Therefore, Chrysler recommended the user follow these steps:

  1. Remove any / all aftermarket parts installed (If applicable)
  2. Check vehicle wiring
  3. Use the recommended J2534 device

Other J-devices may work with pre-CAN Chrysler models, but technicians should check with their device-maker about their custom work-around for this specific issue. For technicians using the OEM tools, Chrysler's wiTECH is capable of programming SCI ECUs in 2004 and newer vehicles.  For 2003 and older vehicles, technicians would use the DRB III tool.


Vehicle Security Committee - If you would like to join the VSC, email skippotter@nastf.org. Be sure to visit the NASTF VSC page at www.nastf.org/Committees/VSC. The next conference call for the VSC is set for Wednesday, August 13, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.

Equipment & Tool Committee - Visit the NASTF ETC page at www.nastf.org/Committees/ETC. Anyone wanting to join the ETC should send their request to skippotter@nastf.org.

The next conference call for the ETC is set for Wednesday, August 27, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.

Communications Committee - In the Committee's June 11 meeting, Bob Chabot was appointed to lead a marketing subcommittee formed to negotiate and formulate a plan to increase awareness of NASTF in the industry. If you would like to join the Communications Committee, email skippotter@nastf.org. Be sure to visit the NASTF Communications Committee page at www.nastf.org/Committees/Communications.

The next conference call for the Communications Committee is set for Wednesday, September 10, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.

Service Information Committee - The SIC held their July 16 meeting and discussed a new design for NASTF web services to support a technician's search for specific elements of OEM information. Donny Seyfer volunteered to lead that initiative. The new design would replace the traditional Service Information Matrix that has become out-of-date, hard to maintain, and usually duplicated with information already maintained on the OEM technical website. A second agenda item discussed by the SIC followed up on Michael Demer's request to develop a reliable process for warning mobile technicians and locksmiths, in advance of their travel, about temporary outages of OEM websites or web services. Finally, Bob Chabot (independent co-chair or the NASTF Communications Committee) asked SIC help in identifying key value benefits of NASTF activities for use in a NASTF marketing campaign. Ideas should be emailed to skippotter@nastf.org. The minutes of that meeting will be available on the SIC webpage. View SIC information from the NASTF SIC page at www.nastf.org/Committees/SIC. If you would like to join the Service Information Committee, email skippotter@nastf.org.

Techs having trouble completing jobs because of access to OEM service information and tools continue to post their questions on NASTF's Service Information Request (SIR) on-line response system. To log or file a NASTF SIR, visit www.nastf.org/FileSIR. Review recent SIRs by visiting www.nastf.org/SIRarchive.

The next conference call for the SIC is set for Wednesday, September 24, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.

Education Committee - Visit the NASTF Education Committee page at www.nastf.org/Committees/Education. Anyone wanting to join the Education Committee should send their request to skippotter@nastf.org.

The next conference call for the Education Committee is set for Wednesday, August 6, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.


Collision Repair Committee - View information about CRC on the NASTF Collision Repair Committee page at www.nastf.org/Committees/Collision. Anyone wanting to join the CRC should send their request to skippotter@nastf.org.

The next conference call for the CRC is set for Wednesday, July 23, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.

An Editorial by Skip Potter, NASTF Executive Director

NASTF makes the OEM-aftermarket cooperation-thing work. - When I first started in this position as your organization's Executive Director in July 2012, I immediately began writing my "elevator speech," the 15 second explanation of what NASTF does. Most of the versions I wrote and repeated many times were too long; and many, I fear, brought on more sleep than understanding.

A few days ago, someone I assumed knew well what NASTF did, surprised me by asking me, "So what's NASTF do now that the Right-to-Repair fight is done?" I had never said these exact words before this moment so I haven't a clue what part of my brain they came from and why they surfaced so quickly: "NASTF makes the OEM-aftermarket cooperation-thing work," I blurted. Then suddenly, I saw my answer had made the kind of impact one always hopes for from an elevator speech: a reaction that is rarely earned. I could see I was now expected to defend my winning statement, and there was not a lot of time to hit the recall-button on the back of my head. In the next 30 seconds I earned NASTF a renewed supporter.

I said something like this: "Whether the automaker provides information and cooperates with the independent service technician because they want to or because they are required by law doesn't matter. We've got 22 automakers trying to do business with more than 100,000 independent techs and everyone wants to do everything their own way on their own time. NASTF is still the only conference table in town, and NASTF is still the place to solve problems."

I could have gone on with details about the NASTF SIR or the Vehicle Security Professional Registry but there was no need. There was a sign on the listener's face that I'd hit a nerve and with their nod I knew they now believed in the NASTF purpose as much as ever.

I hope you do too.


Nissan hosted a NASTF visit at their Franklin, TN facilities in June 2014 where Dave Willson, Sr. Mgr of Service Operations (l) and Jim Von Ehr, Mgr Tech Info & Serviceability and Rob Barto, Director of Tech Info Development discussed NASTF with Executive Director, Skip Potter


WHERE WE WERE: NASTF@AAAS, Destin, FL - June 6-8, 2014: NASTF Executive Director, Skip Potter, spoke to shop owners and parts suppliers from Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi at their annual meeting in a presentation titled "Aftermarket Access to OEM Service Information." Potter noted that access exists both because of government regulation and as a voluntary motive where many automakers recognize aftermarket service as a useful brand strategy. "The average age of the light vehicle population is over 11 years and 75% of those passenger vehicles are over 5 years old. More than half are on to the second-owner and 88% are out of warranty. Franchise dealer bays are geographically limited. Aftermarket shops with the right tools and the right knowledge can help automakers expand the market for their used cars and keep retail customers happy with convenient service options."

NASTF@ALOA, New Orleans - July 24-26, 2014 (Exhibiting)

NASTF@NACE/CARS, Detroit, MI - July 31-Aug 1, 2014 (Exhibiting)

NASTF@AAPEX/SEMA, Las Vegas, NV - Wednesday, Nov 5, 2014 (Fall General Meeting)



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