March 2014

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MARCH 2014

NASTF @ ATE/Seattle - The NASTF Spring 2014 General Meeting will precede the opening of the ASA Northwest tech education conference (ATE) on the afternoon of Thursday, March 20, in the DoubleTree Hotel at SeaTac airport. No registration is necessary for the NASTF meeting but is for ATE. Click HERE to get ATE information. NASTF @ ATE also includes a meeting of the NASTF Board of Directors and a NASTF exhibit in the ATE Expo Education booth on Friday (3/21) and Saturday (3/22).

  • 3 Ways to Attend: In-person, on-the-web, YouTube recording - Total attendance across all 3 ways to attend was almost 700 for the last NASTF General Meeting, and we are expecting to break that record for the Spring 2014 General Meeting.

  • J-2534 Discussion Panel - An OEM, a technician and an independent tool manufacturer will discuss the highly complex and technical topic of J-2534 pass-thru devices in a special session during the 1 PM to 4 PM (PT) National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) Spring 2014 General Meeting.

    • Mark Saxonberg, Manager of Alternative Fuel Vehicles & Environment for Toyota Motor Sales USA will bring the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) perspective to the J-2534 Discussion Panel. Among the many questions Saxonberg will be asked is why there is such a significant difference between OEMs on their own corporate commitment to J-2534.
    • Bob Augustine is Technical Training Manager for Christian Brothers Automotive, an auto repair franchise with 125 shops operating in 16 states. Augustine is involved daily in vehicle computer reprogramming support for the group’s hundreds of technicians and is anxious to discuss the problems created because of a lack in standardization in the J-2534 process across the many OEMs.
    • Brian Herron, Vice President of Drew Technologies will represent the independent tool-maker in the J-2534 issue discussion. Drew Technologies specializes in the manufacture and support of these pass-thru devices and will provide insight for NASTF as the J-device evolves from programming use into diagnostic applications as well.
  • The complete agenda for the NASTF Spring 2014 General Meeting includes important presentations and discussions by NASTF's many committees, as well. View the AGENDA at




MODULE PROGRAMMING LESSONS: NASTF has been monitoring reported module programming failures recently and has observed that the vehicle system and tools can ruin your session even when you (the technician) have done everything correctly. In the past month two failures on a Nissan suggest you should add an alert to your standard procedures on programming all vehicles.

ALERT: Module programming applications depend on constant battery voltage throughout the programming session. (1) Check all vehicle systems to ensure that no fan motors or other accessories will run or cycle during the programming session. In one incident recently, the blower motor was running; in another, a cell phone charger was plugged into the lighter socket. (2) Check that your battery backup/power supply has a clean cable connection to the vehicle charging circuit and that it maintains a constant B+ voltage within the range specified for that vehicle. In the incident NASTF monitored, one power supply was defective and unable to maintain the constant voltage.

BMW SUBSCRIPTION ACCOUNT FORM ERRORS - The BMW TIS “Subscribe Now” account form appears to do nothing when you complete the form and click SUBMIT; but, in fact, there is an error on the page. Note in the picture (red box area) how the error is indicated. In this example, the Login name was already being used. Also, note that the form does not allow ANY blank fields. (All phone fields must be filled.) Further, the form may not allow characters other than letters and numbers. For instance, the City field would not accept “St. Johns” with the period; it did accept St Johns without the period. In all cases the error message appears at the end of the text at the top of the page.

GENERAL MOTORS (GM) responded almost immediately to SIR#573 (see when a technician found VDR software on a dealer site but not accessible by an independent. GM provided the VDR tool software directly to the Service Information Request (SIR) client and acknowledged that the failure to provide it to independent's online at was an oversight as the software initially comes with the tool. The GM technical website will soon be updated to allow access to the VDR software directly in the future. Meanwhile, in cases such as this one where the software is lost or stolen, aftermarket customers can call 800-GM-Tools and request a copy.

PORSCHE notified NASTF in late February that they have split their technical information system into TWO separate web services: The Porsche eXternal Network (PXN) handles all security, key and J2534 programming requests and requires a no-fee contract in advance to serve the independent repair facility including locksmiths. The Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System Technical Serivce Information (PIWIS-TSI) continues to serve independents for service information. User accounts for the previous PIWIS-TSI are still valid, but for service information only.

The NASTF index,, has been updated with the new link. Other NASTF instruction pages and matrix are being updated as we discover errors affected by this change. Please email NASTF immediately if you discover an error we have not yet corrected.

A major element in this change for Porsche is the requirement now that each independent repair facility must apply for "special accreditation and certification with Porsche Cars North America." This involves signing a German language CONTRACT as an application for that accreditation and certification. An English language translation is provided but only for convenience. In completing the (free) application/contract that Porsche asks for "an ID card and certificate of good conduct." NASTF has learned that a valid driver's license is sufficient as an "ID card." Upon notice from Porsche, NASTF will post a list of documents that qualify as a "certificate of good conduct."

MERCEDES is working to resolve a website error that occurs during the online purchase by NASTF VSPs of theft-related-parts (TRP). The error may result when the purchaser (NASTF VSP/TRP applicant) and the selected MB franchise dealer are not in the same city, state or zip code. VSPs should contact David Lowell at if they experience this error.



  By David Lowell, Director VSP Operations


Independent workshops wishing to obtain VW/Audi keys and adaptations must first be registered with VW/Audi.

One of the most recent, frequent requests that I receive is how to obtain VW/Audi key codes and key adaptations.  After obtaining your NASTF VSP Registry LSID license, you can register with VW/Audi as an "Independent Workshop".  Only one registration is necessary to access both VW and Audi, and it is administered by VW. Here are the steps and links to the documents you need to complete and send to VW/Audi:

VW/Audi Registration Process:

1. Program registration forms and security ID applications are available for direct download here:
    Application Form  *   Security ID Form

Complete the forms and fax them to the fax number provided on the forms or e-mail them to

2. The workshop must return the completed forms, along with business license documentation to VW Key Help. VW Key Help will respond to the workshop with a confirmation of receipt within 2 days upon receipt of the application. Total processing time from initial request to approval or disapproval will take approximately 2-3 weeks, plus time spent by the requesting workshop during the application cycle.

3. Individual VW/Audi Security System access IDs and passwords will be sent to qualified NASTF VSPs in separate e-mails for security reasons.

In other VSP news, a locksmith last month was confused that using the NASTF VSP Registry subscription meant "key codes through the OEM" were only available for the 10 most recent model years. In fact, the NASTF VSP Registry subscription gives access to codes directly from the OEM which goes beyond the 10-year limit encountered at most OEM franchise dealerships. See a list of the OEMs and the model year ranges available in this pdf file (click HERE).


Manic Media





Education Committee - Visit the NASTF Education Committee page at Anyone wanting to join the Education Committee should send their request to

The next conference call for the Education Committee is set for Wednesday, March 5, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.

Communications Committee - If you would like to join the Communications Committee, email Be sure to visit the NASTF Communications Committee page at

The next conference call for the Communications Committee is set for Wednesday, March 12, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.

Service Information Committee - View SIC information from the NASTF SIC page at If you would like to join the Service Information Committee, email

Techs having trouble completing jobs because of access to OEM service information and tools continue to post their questions on NASTF's Service Information Request (SIR) on-line response system. To log or file a NASTF SIR, visit Review recent SIRs by visiting

The next conference call for the SIC is set for Wednesday, March 26, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.

Collision Repair Committee - The CRC met by conference call on January 22 with Gary Ledoux of Honda serving his first meeting as OEM co-chair. The meeting reviewed the new I-CAR Repairability Technical Support (RTS) web service and discussed the difference in roles with the NASTF SIR. Read the minutes of that meeting with a visit to the committee webpage.

View information about CRC on the NASTF Collision Repair Committee page at Anyone wanting to join the CRC should send their request to

The next conference call for the CRC is set for Wednesday, April 23, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.

Vehicle Security Committee - The VSC met by conference call on February 12, reviewing 2013 year-end reports on both the VSP Registry and NICB vehicle thefts. Further, the VSC discussed recent introduction of BMW's key availability program; and VSC has established a task force to investigate accessibility to vehicle telematics data. Read the minutes of that meeting with a visit to the committee webpage.

If you would like to join the VSC, email Be sure to visit the NASTF VSC page at

The next conference call for the VSC is set for Wednesday, May 14, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.

Equipment & Tool Committee - The ETC met by conference call on February 26 and discussed cooperation with ETI on their forthcoming introduction of the Scan Tool Information Request (STIR) and new ETC projects for J-device validation and updates to the ETC webpage. Read the minutes of that meeting with a visit to the committee webpage.

Visit the NASTF ETC page at Anyone wanting to join the ETC should send their request to

The next conference call for the ETC is set for Wednesday, May 28, 2014. An email invitation with web and dial-in information will be sent to Committee members of record at least one week in advance.



  An Editorial by Skip Potter, NASTF Executive Director


In January I Tweeted that NASTF was exhibiting (pictured right) in the massive trade show hosted by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), held this year in New Orleans. In another Tweet, I pointed out that NADA has been a financial supporter and active on our NASTF Committees and Board of Directors for many years. I received a question from a dealer technician who wondered about NADA's interest in NASTF activities. You, too, may be interested in my answer.

Q: As a 13 year Lexus dealer technician I am curious about the presence of an NADA representative on the NASTF board of directors.... [Please] help me understand the benefit of NADA participation?

A: Great question. I asked it myself when I took this job 2 years ago. Consider that many dealers take in used cars that are not their franchise, that many dealers attempt to care for all family members of their best customers, regardless of the vehicle makes they drive, and that most vehicles on the road in the USA are long out of warranty and sold on to their 2nd and 3rd owner who may not have any sense of branding. In each of these situations, the (Lexus, in your case) dealer has the same interest in NASTF as any independent garage.

NASTF is intended to be an inclusive discussion where all sides and ends of a competitive or political difference can come together and resolve (specific) common interests in access to service information. Technicians, regardless of their employer - small independent garage, service station, tire store, service franchise, service retailer and car dealer are equally welcome to participate in NASTF committees. In 2000 NASTF was formed by OEM representatives to assist them in compliance with EPA regulations. Since, NASTF has proven valuable to them beyond the EPA into vehicle security and brand customer service. Of course, the NASTF founders would want to have an NADA representative at the table.

Skip Potter, Executive Director

NASTF SUPPORTER LOGO: Recently, members have been asking for a "member" logo to display on their own websites and print materials in support of NASTF. NASTF, in fact, does have a SUPPORTER LOGO in various sizes to fit the purpose. Click the file type and size described here to download from the NASTF website:

While NASTF welcomes the pride members have in our organization and the effort they make to promote NASTF throughout the professional automotive industry, there are simple rules in the use of the NASTF logo. Please download and read those in this 1-page pdf.



NASTF@ASA-Midwest VISION 2014, Overland Park, KS - March 7-8, 2014 (Exhibiting)

NASTF@ASA-NW ATE, Seattle, WA - Thursday, March 20, 2014 (Spring 2014 General Meeting & Exhibit)

NASTF@Alabama Locksmith Association, Birmingham, AL - Saturday, March 22, 2014 (Exhibiting)

NASTF@ATMC, Atlanta, GA - April 7-9, 2014

NASTF@AAIA-CCPN, Huntington Beach, CA - April 24, 2014

NASTF@ETI Tool Tech, Sonoma, CA - April 29 - May 1, 2014

NASTF@Just Cars (for locksmiths), Orlando, FL - May 3-4, 2014 (Exhibiting)

NASTF@AAAS, Destin, FL - June 6-8, 2014

NASTF@NACE/CARS, Detroit, MI - July 31-Aug 1, 2014 (Exhibiting)

NASTF@AAPEX/SEMA, Las Vegas, NV - (tentative date) Wednesday, Nov 5, 2014 (Fall General Meeting)

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