• CHRYSLER (FCA) - wiTECH for the aftermarket: Phone 1-844-wiTECH2 (1-844-948-3242); email to or
    Read HERE NASTF’s understanding of the questions being asked NASTF by independent technicians. (March 14, 2017)
  • FERRARI - Instructions for the purchase of their OEM diagnostic/programming tool (software). See
  • HONDA/ACURA - Note a change in HONDA/ACURA website URL that changes final URL extension,
  • HYUNDAI* - Select GDS tab then call 888.437.0308.
  • KIA* - GDS Software with VCI for own laptop
  • JAGUAR/LAND ROVER: In order to obtain access to security functionality including programming modules for IPC, BCM, ECM/PCM, KVM, as well as for chip/transponder keys, a licensed Locksmith or independent repairer is required to be an active member of the NASTF VSP Registry and will need to purchase a subscription to Independent Module Programming with Security Access to program these components. (NOTE: JLR is currently only able to support yearly subscriptions of the Independent Module Programming with Security Access. The price of the annual (365 day) subscription is $1,500. NASTF VSPs in all 50 states of the USA are eligible for this subscription.)
  • PORSCHE - Purchase of the PIWIS II may not be possible as the OEM is migrates to the next generation of their tool, the PIWIS III.

* GDS software on your computer is interchangeable for Kia and Hyundai but a separate subscription (approx $600/yr) is required for each brand. Each OEM offers GDS on a Toughbook pc which may include a mandatory warranty, both at extra cost.