Nominating Committee Slate


The NASTF Board of Directors accommodates nine industry categories and no more than 15 Directors, of which will include Officer positions for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and, when available, an Immediate Past Chair. Officer terms are for one calendar year only. Director terms are three calendar years and when possible five Director positions will be eligible for election (or re-election) in each calendar year.

2017 Nominating Committee Slate of Directors:


Vehicle Mfg 12/31/2017 Bob Stewart, GM/ACDelco, MI
Vehicle Mfg 12/31/2017 Julia Rege, Global Automakers, DC
Vehicle Mfg 12/31/2018 Steve Douglas, Alliance of Auto Mfgrs, CA
Shop Owner/Tech 12/31/2017 Allen Pennebaker, Orinda Motors, CA
Shop Owner/Tech 12/31/2018 Bill Moss, Euro Service Automotive, VA
Shop Owner/Tech 12/31/2019 Donny Seyfer, Seyfer Automotive, CO
Tool Company 12/31/2017 Greg Potter, Equipment & Tool Institute, MI
Franchise Dealer 12/31/2018 Doug Greenhaus, NADA, VA
Parts Supplier 12/31/2019 Bill Long, AASA, NC
Training 12/31/2018 Chris Chesney, Carquest, NC
Info Service Provider 12/31/2017 John Lypen, Motor Information Systems, MI
Locksmith 12/31/2019 Claude Hensley, Lock-Man Locksmith, FL
At-Large 12/31/2018 Scott Brown, iATN, CA
At-Large 12/31/2019 Aaron Lowe, AutoCare, MD
At-Large 12/31/2019 Mark Saxonberg, Toyota, CA



2017 Nominating Committee Slate of Officers (1-year terms)


Chair Mark Saxonberg
Vice Chair Steve Douglas
Secretary/Treasurer John Lypen
Immed Past Chair Allen Pennebaker