CRC Meeting Summary - July 17 2013

NASTF Collision Repair Committee

Conference Call – Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meeting Minutes



Bob Chabot (co-chair)
Tim Morgan (co-chair)
Jason Bartanen
Bob Keith
Gary Ledoux
Karen Miller
John Norris
Jim Von Ehr
Mark Zoba
Skip Potter (Executive Director)

Chabot convened the meeting at 11:05am eastern and confirmed attendance.

Chabot read a suggested CRC vision & mission and led a discussion intended to result in a CRC Charter to be issued by the NASTF Board of Directors. CRC Members are encouraged to comment to Skip Potter ( no later than August 10, 2013 with suggestions and comments relating to the writing of the CRC Charter.

  • CRC Mission Statement —  The NASTF Collision Repair Committee mission is to foster an open dialogue between automobile manufacturers, collision repair facilities and technicians that identifies, addresses and resolves service/repair gaps consistent with the NASTF  mission.
  • CRC Vision Statement — The  NASTF Collision Repair Committee vision is to ensure all collision facilities and technicians have access to the service information, equipment and tools, education and training, and communication resources necessary to properly perform complete, safe collision repair for vehicle owners.

Bartanen led a discussion to describe the I-CAR Collision Matrix currently under construction by the I-CAR Repairability Committee. Bartanen will share the working documents of this project with the NASTF CRC members and NASTF CRC and I-CAR will work together to avoid duplication of effort. Since the current NASTF Collision Matrix is deemed grossly outdated. Furthermore, with the evolution of the industry the NASTF Matrix is generally of little useful value to technicians. Therefore, the CRC instructed Potter to mark the NASTF Matrix as out-of-date on the website with a note that it is under review for replacement. The expectation is that I-CAR will produce at least a limited release of their matrix by October 2013 and that NASTF will then be able to revise its strategy relating to replacement of the NASTF Collision Matrix.

Potter led a discussion concerning Collision content in the NASTF Fall 2013 General Meeting, November 6 in Las Vegas (during SEMA/AAPEX). Chabot proposed a series of 3 brief presentations: web navigation, tools and education. Chabot will follow up with Potter to formalize this collision content for the Nov 6 meeting.

Chabot led a discussion concerning the promotion of NASTF to collision technicians and the opportunity to attract interested volunteers to the CRC.

  • OEM contacts — Lets ask OEM specialists like Randy Boyd, Doug Craig, Gerry Boninni, etc. to at least be contacts the CRC can approach when there help helps resolve gaps.  Those willing to be CRC members are welcome. Gary (Honda) suggested us attending C-I-C’s OEM Roundtable Nov. 6 in Vegas. Potter was instructed to coordinate with Bartanen on establishing an “OEM collision contact list” for future internal NASTF needs.
  • Trade Media — Ask collision trade media to help NASTF improve awareness amongst collision technicians and facilities. Kristin Felder/Collision Hub has already said she would like to be a CRC member. CRC members will forward known trade media contacts to Potter to improve coverage for NASTF collision project news and use of that same list to recruit media representatives to serve on the CRC.
  • Leading Collision Education Schools — Invite instructors who are dedicated to modern collision repair to serve on the CRC.
  • Associations like ASE, ASA, SCRS, CCC, NABC, etc. — In addition to admin folks, focus on trying to get collision technicians and collision center owners to serve on the committee. Potter was instructed to reach out to other collision industry associations like SCRS and seek a technician or shop owner along with the organization’s executive for the CRC.
  • Third party Service Info providers could be very helpful — Approach Mitchell and others to serve on the CRC or be open to inquiries from the CRC.

Morgan asked committee members to be alert for unique collision topics which would be valued news items in the monthly NASTF Newsletter.  Email or phone Potter with such topics or items.

The Meeting was adjourned at 12:15pm eastern.