July 2013

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JULY 2013



David Lowell is the NASTF VSP Registry Director of Operations and daily receives requests for help on many vehicle security issues, including: lost or forgotten LSID logins, lost or forgotten passwords, account locked, OEM website navigation instruction or technical issues, and other questions. Often, you will find answers to his most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the NASTF website, www.nastf.org. Here are a few questions and answers relating to the NASTF VSP Registry Positive I.D. Policy and the Positive ID form.

Q: What is the "Positive I.D. Policy"?

A:  Vehicle security-related information may only be acquired by a Registered VSP on behalf of the registered owner of a motor vehicle. The Positive ID Policy is a written statement of procedural requirements that defines how to determine if an information “requestor” has the authority to make the request. A Registered VSP is required by the Terms & Conditions of Use to follow the Positive ID Policy to establish proof positive that the person making the request is the registered owner of the vehicle.

Q: What information will I be required to collect at the time of service and what records must I maintain?

A:  Every time you use your LSID to acquire security-related information on behalf of a customer, you are required to complete a document called "Authorization for Automotive Key Generation and/or Immobilizer System/Anti-Theft Services". (Click here for the form) This is a contract between you as the direct service provider and the requestor. The requestor attests that they are the registered owner of the vehicle and indemnifies you and the automaker from liabilities associated with use of the security-related information to make keys for the vehicle and/or provide security-related services on the vehicle. This document is a permanent record of the transaction that you are required to keep for a minimum period of two years from date of service. This signed form can serve as a protection for you if a dispute arises over the services you provided. To ensure that these records are being maintained, NASTF conducts random audits and audits for cause such as high volume or suspected auto thefts linked to an LSID.

If the answer you are looking for is not included in the current FAQ, contact David by email: SDRM@nastf.org or by phone Office 817-514-2911, Cell 972-672-0612. He’s on the phone a lot throughout the day assisting other LSID account holders, so if you get voice mail, please leave a message.  He checks his voice mail frequently so if you have an emergency situation in the evening or on weekends leave a message and he will make every effort to respond.



SAAB - On June 14, 2013, SAAB changed their technical support website URL to www.epsiportal.com. Be aware that Saab requires a VAT-Identification Number when completing the Saab technical support account. Saab instructs all subscription applicants in the USA to enter the number: 111 in the VAT-Identification box.

FORD - As a result of NASTF SIR #519, Ford developed a solution to the availability of tear tag information relating to a Programmable Module Installation (PMI).  Techs using the IDS or FMP software will now find

tear tag information (see picture of sample) in the AS BUILT section of the software or in the Motorcraft Pro website. (Note that the tear tag information will be available for most but not all Ford Motor Vehicles.) The "As Built" module information search window is found on the free-side of the website behind the "QUICK GUIDES" tab under the link "Module Build Data". This improvement comes as a result of a request by a NASTF member technician. Also note that the terms "tear tag" and "catchword" are both used to describe the same piece of information on various parts of the Ford tech site.

BMW North America reports that sales of their ICOM to independents are significant with half of those purchases made directly from a local BMW franchise dealership parts department, and the other half made through their tool distribution partner found online. From www.bmwtechinfo.com there is a link on the lower right for "Purchase Materials". This link provides direct contact info to the official BMW tool distribution partner. To find the ICOM, click "BMW Tools", "Gen III Equipment". Note that the website, itself, does not provide information about the tool, and no current pricing is displayed. Completing the order form will result in a call or email from the tool distribution partner to discuss the actual purchase. The BMW tool distribution partner handles all questions, sales, etc, for workshop equipment, special tools, etc. An independent tech can also call or visit their local BMW Center or MINI Dealer to purchase the equipment. Note, also, that dealers are independent and prices of tools sold by the dealer may or may not be the same as prices offered by the online tool distribution partner.



Service Information Committee - The Service Information Committee will meet Wednesday, July 10, via conference call. Invitations have been sent to all registered members of the SIC, so if you did not receive one or would like to join the SIC visit the NASTF SIC page at www.nastf.org/Committees/SIC. Techs having trouble completing jobs because of access to OEM service information and tools continue to post their questions on NASTF's Service Information Request (SIR) on-line response system. To log or file a NASTF SIR, visit www.nastf.org/FileSIR. Review recent SIRs by visiting www.nastf.org/SIRarchive.

Education Committee - Visit the NASTF Education Committee page at www.nastf.org/Committees/Education. Anyone wanting to join the Education Committee should send their request to skippotter@nastf.org.

Vehicle Security Committee - Note that the VSC will not have a meeting during ASRW or AAPEX/SEMA. Instead, as the VSC did for their Spring 2013 meeting, they will meet via conference call. However, the VSC will upgrade the interactivity of the meeting to give members the opportunity to participate via Go-To-Meeting in a web-enabled conference. Email invitations for a Wednesday, October 23 meeting of the VSC have already gone out to registered VSC members. If you would like to join the VSC or did not receive your email invitation, email skippotter@nastf.org. Be sure to visit the NASTF VSC page at www.nastf.org/Committees/VSC.

Communications Committee - The Communications Committee will meet August 14 via conference call. Invitations have been sent to all registered members of the Communications Committee so if you did not receive one and would like to join the Communications Committee, email skippotter@nastf.org. Visit the NASTF Communications Committee page at www.nastf.org/Committees/Communications

Collision Repair Committee - Visit the NASTF Collision Repair Committee page at www.nastf.org/Committees/Collision. Anyone wanting to join the CRC should send their request to skippotter@nastf.org.

Equipment & Tool Committee - Visit the NASTF ETC page at www.nastf.org/Committees/ETC. Anyone wanting to join the ETC should send their request to skippotter@nastf.org.



A Nominating Committee has been appointed to begin the process of the election of 2014 NASTF directors and officers. Any NASTF supporter (on the current newsletter list) for a minimum of the past two years and, in addition, an active member of one of the NASTF committees for at least one year is eligible as a candidate for a director position. More information on the open categories in this year's elections will be provided in an August email to all members. In the meantime, anyone with an interest in NASTF leadership is encouraged to email your interest and qualifications to admin@nastf.org.


  An Editorial by Skip Potter, NASTF Executive Director

Counterfeit scan tools scare me. I know someone who bought a counterfeit Rolex from a street vendor in New York for $13 several years ago and thought it was fun to fool their friends for a few months while the watch actually worked. However, as a responsible adult accepting the American rule-of-law, that person must accept that they were participating in a scam that was unfair to this Swiss company who has an international right to protect its good name and trademark. For some, it seems harmless to buy a counterfeit watch or purse because it comes with a low expectation of quality and it's easy to just toss it in the trash when it doesn't hold up.

But I don't know of any professional technician who is trying to fool their friends with a counterfeit scan tool. Our business is serious, and we have a high expectation of quality along with a parallel expectation of support for the tool we will depend on. When the counterfeit tool fails, we lose productivity. When the counterfeit tool turns the ECM to a brick, we lose money. When enough independent technicians buy counterfeits, the OEM begins to lose confidence that the aftermarket will indeed be able to service their car owners.

Let me be clear that counterfeit tools are not to be confused with legitimate aftermarket tools, clearly identified as an alternative brand with a real company ready to stand behind their legal production of a competitive product. Counterfeits are items identified by a trademarked name or label that does not belong to the crook who produced it. Another scam with scan tools is the "clone" tools that illegally contain copyrighted software or components for which the crook failed to obtain proper license. Both scare me as it puts our whole industry at risk.

NASTF OEM and independent volunteers are preparing a presentation on counterfeit tools to be given during the Fall 2013 NASTF General Meeting, November 6, during the AAPEX/SEMA trade shows in Las Vegas. The NASTF event will be free to attend and without pre-registration. However, NASTF recommends early registration for trade show credentials and travel arrangements. For those options, visit www.aapexshow.com.



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