NASTF VSP Registry Documents


To learn more about this NASTF program for Vehicle Security Professionals, CLICK HERE.

New to the NASTF VSP Registry?

  All VSP applications, registrations, D1 forms and account management is now performed online. Access the SDRM Portal by clicking here

     Read and understand the terms and conditions. Download here.

If you want to add employees to your VSP account:

NASTF Credentials the individual and not the business. It is a violation of our Terms and Conditions for a Vehicle Security Credential holder to share their information or the information they obtain from and automaker site with anyone, including employees. You may add employees who need individual access to the VSP program under your account on the the SDRM Portal by Clicking the blue "+ add new" button at the top of the screen from your login. 

We have a company Admin account available now

The SDRM portal has the ability for the primary account holder to add a company admin. This account is intended for 2 uses and has no VSP Credential and therefore has no access to automaker sites. 

  • Your business uses a dispatch person who can collect information and enter it into the D1 (Positive ID form) in advance of VSP meeting the vehicle owner and performing the mandatory in person verification of ID, Ownership and authorization. 
  • The business owner does not perform security work but would like to be able to administer accounts for the company. This does not constitute a Primary account holder account. A primary who is responsible for transactions and any sub-accounts must still be present.