May 3, 2011 Meeting Report

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National Automotive Service Task Force Meeting
May 3, 2011
Miami Beach, Florida
Meeting Report

On May 3, 2011, the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) held its regular semi-annual meeting in conjunction with ETI’s ToolTech in Miami Beach, Florida.

Ron Pyle, NASTF Chair, ran the meeting. He welcomed everyone to the meeting and reminded attendees of anti-trust requirements. He also thanked ETI and Charlie Gorman for hosting the NASTF meetings.
Director’s Comments

Mary Hutchinson, NASTF Director, first covered a few housekeeping details. She then explained that starting with this one, meetings would be recorded and the recorded presentations will be paired with the PowerPoint presentations used and posted to the NASTF website so that those who are unable to attend will be able to view them. Finally, she stated that NASTF will soon have a Facebook page, and requested that everyone “friend” NASTF when it is done.

Committee Briefs

Equipment and Tools Committee: Greg Potter, co-chair of the Equipment and Tools Committee presented the report. Two conference calls have been held since the last General meeting. The committee is currently focusing on developing a matrix focusing on OE tool features, which would provide end users a comparative tool to measure their needs against tools available in the market place. Peter Rudloff and Donny Seyfer are taking the lead with this project.

 In addition, a document is being prepared for publication that will outline the process to follow in order to find information prior to reaching the Information Request process.

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Collision Committee: Matt Boyles, chair of the Collision Committee, reported that the participants are still in the process of redirecting the purpose and focus of the committee. The committee is looking at the collision matrix with the idea of evolving it to a better, more useful tool for users. A workgroup is creating a draft of the matrix format and offerings, and will ultimately be formatted in a manner similar to the service information matrix. In addition, the committee agreed that efforts should be made to promote the use of the information request form by those in the collision industry seeking to ensure that there are no gaps in collision information.

Click here to view or download the committee report.

Communications Committee: John Cabaniss, co-chair of the Communications Committee, reported that the committee meets quarterly, and is continuing to look for assistance in getting the word out about NASTF. He stated that the website is fairly stable for visits. Mr. Cabaniss also reported on a survey conducted by MOTOR Magazine that indicates approximately 27% of the respondents had heard of NASTF in some way. He requested that those in attendance let people know about the NASTF newsletter, and also let the editor know if there are particular areas of interest that should be addressed in the newsletter.

Vehicle Security Committee: Mark Saxonberg, co-chair of the Vehicle Security Committee, reported that the committee met that morning and discussed a number of items. He reported that the Mercedes TRP pilot has received very little activity, with only one order having been processed using the system. One OEM Vehicle Security Working Group meeting was held; primary topics discussed were the mission and priorities of the work group. A high priority topic for this group is the expansion of NICB dealer transaction logging to additional manufacturers. A tutorial showing step by step instructions on how to use the OEM security-related websites is being worked on by Claude Hensley, and is hosted on his website at Registry participation and transaction volume continue to increase. Mr. Saxonberg reported that the NICB has investigated a number of SDRM transactions to date, and states that SDRM has been a helpful “flag” to initiate and expedite investigations.  Mr. Saxonberg reviewed some usage statistics for Registry members and SDRM transactions. The committee will next meet in conjunction with the Fall General Meeting.

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Service Information Committee:  In the absence of either co-chair, Ron Pyle indicated that the Service Information Committee has been holding regular conference calls. The committee is keeping a close eye on the few Information Requests that remain open. Several of those have been resolved, but no resolution summary has been provided by the OEM representative.
Presentation: NASTF Awareness: Getting the Word Out

Tony Molla, Vice President of Communications for ASE, did a presentation on ways to get the word out about NASTF.

Click here to download the presentation.

Heavy Duty Truck Update

Mr. Pyle introduced Carl Kirk, Vice President - Maintenance, Information Technology & Logistics for the American Trucking Association and reported that the Board had spent time discussing NASTF with Mr. Kirk during their meeting that morning. Talks will be ongoing to determine whether NASTF might be of assistance to the trucking industry. An audience member suggested that the EMA might be another good organization to engage.

Service Information Agreement Update

Mr. Pyle reported that there has been no change with the three primary manufacturers that have not yet signed the service information agreement.

CASIS Update

Mr. Pyle stated that NASTF is signing a Memorandum of Understanding with NATA for CASIS so that the two organizations can continue to explore Canadian usage of the SDRM system. Currently the Vehicle Security Committee has been tasked with exploring and trying to work out any issues that may be a part of that.

An audience member brought up the issue of locksmiths that sell key codes and asked that money be allocated for investigation of this activity, stating that locksmiths are losing money due to leaks in the system. He suggested that perhaps the manufacturers would be willing to assist with an allocation of funds.

Panel Discussion: Exploring Ways to Improve Communications between OEMs and the Aftermarket

Charlie Gorman moderated the panel, and panel presentations were made by Shuvo Bhattacharjee, Bosch ETAS, Bernie Carr, Bosch Diagnostics, and Mark Saxonberg, Toyota.

To download Mr. Bhattacharjee’s presentation, "SAE and Technical Policy Analysis", click here.
To download Mr. Carr’s presentation "Reducing Diagnostic Tester Development Costs", click here.

To download Mr. Saxonberg’s presentation, "Brand Loyalty Through Aftermarket Service Support", click here.


Open Comment/Discussion

Mr. Pyle opened the floor for open comment and discussion. There was nothing additional.

Next Meeting

The next general meeting of NASTF will be held on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 1:30 pm in Orlando, Florida. The meeting will be held in conjunction with Automotive Service Repair Week (ASRW). Additional details will be posted to the NASTF website as they become known.