November 3, 2009 Meeting Report

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National Automotive Service Task Force Meeting

November 3, 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
Meeting Report
On November 3, 2009, the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) held its regular semi-annual meeting in conjunction with Automotive Service Repair Week (ASRW) in Las Vegas.
Charlie Gorman, NASTF Chair, ran the meeting. He welcomed everyone to the meeting, reminded attendees of anti-trust requirements, and reviewed the agenda for the meeting.
Director’s Comments
Mary Hutchinson, NASTF Director, reviewed several changes to the NASTF website. First, she showed the sign-up form and website for the new quarterly e-newsletter (sign-up form is here: Next she showed the recently completed Information Request Form and Reports area (Information Request module is here: Finally she showed the brand new Reprogramming section of the website, designed to assist technicians with basic reprogramming information location from manufacturer websites (Reprogramming section can be found here:
Committee Briefs
Service Information Committee: Dave Zwalina, Co-Chair of the Service Information Committee, reported that the primary goal of the committee recently has been to seek ways of ensuring that reprogramming information is more readily available to shops and technicians in as simple a manner as possible. To that end, the reprogramming section of the NASTF website was created. In addition, a new block is being created in the NASTF Information Request form asking for the manufacturer and model of the diagnostic tool used if the information request involves a reprogramming issue. This will allow tool manufacturers to be contacted when appropriate, and will allow the manufacturers to better and more quickly respond to the Information Request.
Vehicle Security Committee: Claude Hensley, Co-Chair of the Vehicle Security Committee, reported that use of the SDRM system continues to grow, and additionally, that four of the twelve participating manufacturers are now using SDRM to post all security transactions, not just those involving aftermarket use of the system. He also addressed a new consumer website concept ( through which consumers will be able to search for registered Vehicle Security Professionals by city or postal code. Finally, he stated that a subgroup of the Policy Work Group has developed potential improvements in the subordinate LSID holder account registration process; upon final vetting and approval by the NASTF Board, the new policies will be put into place. To view or download the full VSC report, click here.
Upon completion of the VSC report, Charlie Gorman shared a presentation showing SDRM usage charts and other relevant information. To view or download the presentation, click here.
Equipment and Tools Committee: Charlie Gorman, Chair of the Equipment and Tools Committee, reported that the Equipment and Tools Committee Chair appointed recently to replace Mr. Gorman would be unable to fulfill the role of Chair, so a new Chair is being sought. In addition, the committee still needs another OEM representative to take a position on the subcommittee that reviews contested issues within tool and equipment-related information requests. He then reviewed the major current and future equipment and tool issues. To view or download the Equipment and Tool Committee presentation, click here.
Communications Committee: John Cabaniss, Co-Chair of the Communications Committee, reported that the committee has been meeting quarterly, and will continue to do so. He stated that the biggest activity of the committee this year was the launch of the e-newsletter, whose inaugural edition went out in August to over 600 e-mail addresses. The newsletter will be sent out quarterly, and there is a sign-up notice on the home page of the NASTF website. The next issue will be released in mid-November. Mr. Cabaniss reported that website usage continues to increase, and that the committee continues to do its usual press releases on progress and activities as they take place. To read the full report, click here.
Presentation of Awards
The NASTF Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding personal service and support in the advancement of NASTF was presented to Bob Chabot, editor of the NASTF e-News letter in recognition of the excellent work he has done with the newsletter. To view the award presentation speech, click here.
State of the Industry Presentation
Steve Handschuh, President of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), did a presentation on the state of the automotive industry. To view Mr. Handschuh’s presentation, click here.
Note: This presentation was also filmed, and when the video becomes available, it will be posted here.
Canadian Agreement Update
Rene Young of the National Automotive Trades Association (NATA) in Canada gave a presentation on the newly-signed Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS). To view or download Mr. Young’s the presentation, click here.
Service Information Agreement Update
Mr. Gorman reported that as of the day of the meeting, GM, Chrysler, Jaguar/Land Rover, BMW, and Porsche have not signed the information agreement with NASTF. Jaguar/Land Rover and BMW are both in progress; Porsche never signed the Dorgan letter, and is therefore not really expected to sign the agreement. Both GM and Chrysler are totally new companies than they were when the agreement was originally presented to them. Their not signing the agreement does not in any way mean that GM and Chrysler are not participating in the process; they both participate in the process very well.
SDRM Additional Uses Panel
Panel presentations were made by Charlie Gorman, Equipment & Tool Institute; John Jenkins, CAS of New England, and Donny Seyfer, Seyfer Automotive.
To view or download Mr. Gorman’s presentation, click here.
To view or download Mr. Jenkins’ presentation, click here.
To view or download Mr. Seyfer’s presentation, click here.
New Business
Mr. Gorman noted that NASTF will be moving to include heavy duty truck under the NASTF umbrella.
Open Comment/Discussion
Mr. Gorman opened the floor for open comment and discussion. There was none.
Next Meeting
The next general meeting of NASTF will be held in a location TBD; notification will be placed on the NASTF website and e-mailed to NASTF participants who are in the database as soon as this information is available.