For access to J-2534 Information on the Suzuki service information website:

SUZUKI does not Validate J-2534 devices but does offer their vehicles to device manufactures to test their devices. At least three companies have conducted those tests: Snap-On, SPX and Drewtech. Suzuki recommends contacting your device manufacturer for specific compatibility.

Software and subscriptions to perform J-2535 pass thru programming depends on the vehicle to be programmed. Most Suzuki vehicles use the SEPS Suzuki ECU Programming System software subscription, except the 07-09 XL7 which used Tis2Web and the Equator which is not reprogrammable. The SEPS software subscription is $300 per year and the Tis2Web subscription offers 24 hour access for $35.

SPECIAL NOTE: Make sure you also download a copy of the Serial Number Letter located on the bottom of the webpage where you download the SEPS software (in Pitstop). The serial number is required in multiple locations to install the software and database files.

Which models and model years are reprogrammable for which functions?
See above.
How does a technician determine whether a recalibration update is available for a specific vehicle?
See Technical Service Bulletins or Campaign Bulletins at
What OEM equipment is needed to reprogram vehicles?
OEM factory tool(s); to obtain, contact
What J-2534 reprogramming capabilities are available?
See above.
How does a technician obtain the calibration?
Data needed is available to subscribers at
Please identify computer system requirements needed to support reprogramming.
High Speed ISP connection is required.  Download times with high speed connection will require 2-10 minutes normally.  Downloads using dial-up connections are not recommended due to large file sizes.
Internet Explorer is the recommended browser.