For access to J-2534 Information on the Mitsubishi service information website:

Click on "J2534 Pass-Thru" in the bar at the top of the page.


Which models and model years are reprogrammable for which functions?
Visit this link you will find detailed information about model specific reprogramming. It should be noted that some vehicles with K-Line modules cannot be programmed or initialized with J2534. EPA granted Mitsubishi a waiver for those vehicles. To program or initialize a new module you will need the MUT-III 
How does a technician determine whether a recalibration update is available for a specific vehicle?
Vehicles equipped with CAN are programmable by J2534. All others, with a few noted exceptions posted on the page linked above, must use the MUT-III. Mitsubishi makes this available for rent through Bosch. You can find a list of vehicles and their software updates here ECU Reprogramming Application Table. To rent the tool you must fill out a form. (linked here) Call Bosch at 1-888-727-6672, prompt #2. They will advise you of the rental fee, security deposit, and shipping charge required for a two-week rental period.
How does a technician get the recalibration update information?
Subscribe to and based on the information retrieved from "Update Manager A" or "PassThruCAN", use the site search engine to retrieve the appropriate calibration and support files.  Download either Update Manager B (legacy PCMs) or PassThruCAN activation DLL (newer CAN-based PCMs) to apply the calibration file or perform initialization on newer CAN-based PCMs.
What equipment is needed to do the reprogramming?
A Mitsubishi validated J2534 device (validated devices are listed on the site). For some legacy models, an adapter cable is also needed (available for purchase on the site). The "TSB Update and Adapter Cable Chart" document mentioned above identifies the vehicle part number and applicability.
The Mitsubishi OEM scan tool can also be purchased and used to perform all programming/initialization functions, as well as other non-J2534 functions.
What system requirements are needed to support the reprogramming?
    • Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro. or Windows 7 (32-Bit) Computer
    • 256 MB RAM
    • 500 MB free hard drive space
    • 1024 x 768 (XGA) screen resolution
    • An internet connection for software activation