SAE J2534

For access to SAE J2534 information visit the service information website:

The information needed is available to subscribers at  From the home page select “Site Subscription”. The subscription allows full access to the online collection of Service Literature (including bulletins, campaigns, and more).

Be aware that does not provide downloadable calibrations for reprogramming. Reprogramming files are supplied through Isuzu Diagnostic System (IDS) CD and can be purchased through the Isuzu store.  Reprogramming can only be done using either the IDS Software System with a validated SAE J2534 device or with a Tech 2.

Note: does not contain security information regarding key codes, pin codes, etc. Security available to owner only at an Isuzu dealer.

Which models and model years of vehicles can be reprogrammed?

For a list of vehicles that can be programmed go to and select Service Information and Basic Reprogramming Information.

How does a technician determine whether a reprogramming event is needed for a particular vehicle?

Data needed is available to subscribers at  After logging in, on the main menu, select Service Information / Isuzu ESI. Enter the model and model year to review Service Bulletins, Campaign Bulletins, and Calibrations.

What OEM equipment is available to reprogram vehicles? 

OEM equipment and software (which includes reprogramming files) can be ordered from the Isuzu Source Store.

Isuzu Diagnostic System (IDS) Kit:

The Isuzu Diagnostic System (IDS) Kit is J2534-compliant diagnostic software with a full-featured scan tool interface module. It will diagnose and reprogram various control modules on-vehicle, including the Immobilizer System. IDS also displays DTCs and data lists for each module. The Isuzu Diagnostic System (IDS) is available in a software only version as well.

Isuzu also offers a PCM Reprogramming Service. Isuzu has developed a quick and easy way to conveniently have a replacement PCM programmed properly. 

IDS is compatible with J2534-compliant interface devices including (but not limited to):

  •  IDS scan tool interface module (Available on
  •  PowerLink (Isuzu device)
  •  IDSS (Isuzu device — Certain applications may not apply)
  •  IDSS II Tablet (Isuzu device)
  •  CarDAQ (Drew Technologies device)
  •  Nexiq (Nexiq Technologies device — Certain applications may not apply)
  •  Nexiq 2 (Nexiq Technologies device)
  •  Noregon (JPRO Fleet Products — Certain applications may not apply.

Identify computer system requirements needed to support reprogramming.  

Computer system requirements can be found at under Site Requirements.

 A PC operating within the minimal specifications set forth below:

  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system
  • One free COM Port
  • One free USB Port
  • Intel 2.4 GHz or greater
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 2 GB of free hard drive space
  • 16X DVD ROM

Revised 11/18/15