April 21, 2009 Meeting Report

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National Automotive Service Task Force Meeting
April 21, 2009
Detroit, Michigan
Meeting Report
On April 21, 2009, the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) held its regular semi-annual meeting in conjunction with SAE World Congress in Detroit.
Charlie Gorman, NASTF Chair, ran the meeting. He welcomed everyone to the meeting and reminded attendees of anti-trust requirements. He commented on the tough times being felt throughout the industry, and pointed out that progress tends to slow when in crisis mode. He also stated that the fact many were in attendance showed the continued interest and dedication being shown to NASTF and NASTF issues.
Director’s Comments
Mary Hutchinson, NASTF Administrator, reviewed progress on the new online information request module. She said that although the module is not yet completed, good progress is being made and testing and the launch of the system will be soon. The new system will not require membership in any organization in order to use the online submission system. New search capabilities with the system will allow interested parties to gather more information about requests that have been submitted over time. Mary also noted that a new booster logo has been developed, and that logo usage guidelines and logos will be posted to the NASTF website for people to download and use as appropriate. She encouraged as many as possible to use the logo to help spread the word about NASTF and the work the group is doing.
Service Information Committee Report
Bill Haas presented the Service Information Committee report in the absence of the committee co-chairs. A meeting of the committee was held via conference call on April 7. Representatives from Mercedes participated in the call to explain the Theft-Related Parts (TRP) policy. The Committee also reviewed process taken during a recent Subcommittee review of an information request. Third, the Committee provided some input and suggestions regarding the developing online information request module. And lastly, a conference call will be scheduled in the next few weeks to review and discuss recommendations made by the Subcommittee during its recent deliberations.
Equipment and Tool Committee Report
Charlie Gorman, Chair of the Equipment and Tool Committee, reported that no Committee meeting has been held since the last General meeting, but one will be scheduled soon. Currently information requests regarding tool and equipment issues are still filed through ETI; this will change with the new information request module, which is better suited to a broader range of requests. OEMs will be given a final request to provide information where it is lacking. Scan tool company members have been asked to fill in a spread sheet detailing where work needs to be done; once complete, the spread sheet will be sent to each OEM for review and response. If items remain unexplained or unresolved, they will be entered as Information Requests in the new system. Finally, the Subcommittee for the Equipment and Tool Committee is in need or a new OEM representative to replace John Elias, and the Committee will also be proposing a new Committee Chair to the NASTF Board after its next meeting.
Communications Committee Report
John Cabaniss, Co-chair of the Communications Committee, reported that the Committee had a conference call recently, and will be holding quarterly meetings moving forward. He stated that website usage continues to increase, and press releases go out periodically, but pointed out that the best method for communication about NASTF is from its participants. He reported that NASTF will be starting a quarterly newsletter, and requested information and feedback on what people would like to see in the newsletter. He also said that the Committee is looking for an editor for the newsletter.
Vehicle Security Committee Report
Claude Hensley, Co-chair of the Vehicle Security Committee, reported that usage of the SDRM has increased by 60% since November, with over 34,000 transactions, and only 2 flagged as suspicious. The VSC Policy Workgroup has now submitted its nominees for the VSC Subcommittee. The Security Information Procedures document shows that the VSC Subcommittee will be charged with dealing with appeals for rejections from participating in the registry as well as reviewing information requests that are appealed to the subcommittee. He also reported that Mercedes has been having internal discussions occurring regarding sales of sensitive parts. 
Service Information Agreement Update
Charlie Gorman reported that there has been no change with the service information agreement at this time. Three major companies have not yet signed: BMW, GM, and Chrysler. NASTF is waiting until things settle a little prior to pursuing this harder.
A question was asked about J-2534 versus ISO 22900 and whether there is anything that can be done to ensure that requirements in the U.S. do not change to ISO 22900. Charlie Gorman responded that J-2534 is a specification, and he has no knowledge that anyone has any intention of changing that requirement.
NASTF Future Direction Presentation
Charlie Gorman presented an argument for thinking about the aftermarket, and full system consideration, from the beginning of engineering a vehicle (from design to manufacturing to service). He would like to see NASTF working with all segments of the industry to achieve a measure of foresight. The NASTF Board will continue to look at this and discuss; could culminate in some kind of guidance for OEMs to follow; perhaps even an SAE recommended practice.
Mark Saxonberg of Toyota then gave a presentation on Toyota Vision, which showed ways that Toyota is doing and working toward what the NASTF vision would include.
Mr. Gorman, Mr. Saxonberg, and Bob Stewart of GM all took questions after the presentations.
Open Comment/Discussion
Following the presentations, Mr. Gorman opened the floor for additional comment and discussion. There was none.
Next Meeting – November 2009
The next general meeting of MASTF will be held in conjunction with ASRW (Automotive Service & Repair Week) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The date of the meeting will be November 3, 2009. Details will be posted to the NASTF website.