November 4, 2008 Meeting Report

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National Automotive Service Task Force Meeting

November 4, 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada
Meeting Report
On November 4, 2008, the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) held its regular semi-annual meeting in conjunction with the CARS Convention in Las Vegas.
Charlie Gorman, NASTF Chair, ran the meeting. He welcomed everyone to the meeting and reminded attendees of anti-trust requirements. He mentioned the new NASTF Service Information Agreement, and noted that this would be discussed in more detail later during the meeting.
Director’s Comments
Mary Hutchinson, NASTF Administrator, reviewed plans for a new online information request module which will be run from the NASTF website. She mentioned that although iATN has ably hosted the online Service Information Request form for many years, the requirement for membership in iATN in order to submit the form online may keep some people from submitting requests. The new module will not require membership, and will also have some increased utility for those who wish to keep track of information requests that are submitted. New search capabilities are planned, as well as new functionality for the administrative side of the module. Development is under way, but no specific completion date has been projected yet.
Presentation of Awards
Charlie Gorman, NASTF Chair, presented three NASTF Outstanding Achievement awards. Recipients were John Cabaniss, for his many years of leadership and hard work on behalf of NASTF, and David Lanspeary and Mark Saxonberg for their dedication and leadership in the development of the successful Secure Data Release Model for access to key codes and other security information.
Service Information Committee Report
Dave Zwalina, co-chair of the Service Information Committee, first gave some background on himself and his history with the organization. He stated that the comments that he receives from technicians and shop owners in the field all point to a lack of communication. He commented that despite complaints about not having access to information, only 36 information requests have been filed thus far in 2008. He also stated that in shops that he visits, he shows the Service Information matrix (available on the NASTF website at to shop personnel and they are overwhelmed by how much information really is available.
Equipment and Tool Committee Report
Charlie Gorman, Equipment & Tool Committee Chair, reported that work is still progressing toward simplifying the matrices, and recognizing that many that are posted are out of date. Information was received from several manufacturers over the summer, and the Japanese companies will be providing updates in December. J-1699-2 has been kicked off. J-2534 still has issues that are being worked on. And the EPA is working with BMW on an alleged J-2534 issue. Click here to view the presentation.
Communications Committee Report
John Cabaniss, Communications Committee Co-Chair, reported that the continuing primary goal of the committee is to get information out about NASTF. The committee has been focusing on new programs including SDRM, but there is still a long way to go to get the work out to the rank and file. A consortium of people and organizations who can reach out to larger groups of people through their own communications methods (newsletters, e-mails, etc.) has been created. The committee is working on developing a list of direct contacts at these organizations so that information can be funneled directly to them instead of through other people who may or may not pass along the information. The committee will keep tracking statistics and working to provide information about NASTF.
Vehicle Security Committee Report
Mark Saxonberg, Vehicle Security Committee Co-Chair, reported that 17 manufacturers representing over 95% of vehicles on the road are currently participating in SDRM. He also stated that the vehicle security matrix is being improved by adding a column to reflect the business transaction models and pricing that are offered by the various manufacturers. The Policy Workgroup has been doing some “tweaking” on some of the SDRM policies to ensure that business practices are appropriately recognized and reflected. There are 172 primary LSID-holders currently (as of an update provided on 11-3-08).
Mark reported the resignation of long-time VSC Co-Chair David Lanspeary, and reviewed Dave’s many accomplishments on the committee. He then introduced Dave’s replacement, Claude Hensley, to the group.
SDRM Tutorial
Mary Hutchinson, NASTF Administrator, talked about, then played a new tutorial on the Secure Data Release Model. The tutorial is available through the NASTF website at
Service Information Agreement
Charlie Gorman, NASTF Chair, made a presentation on the new NASTF Service Information Standards Agreement. He reviewed the three sections of the agreement: definitions, standards, and information request and resolution process. He then informed attendees of the dozen automakers that had already signed the agreement. The full text of the Service Information Standards Agreement can be found hereA copy of the PowerPoint presentation given at the meeting can be found here.
Next a panel of training specialists from three manufacturers participated in a panel discussion about the availability of training and what their own companies have to offer the aftermarket in the way of access to their OEM training. Participating on the panel were representatives from Honda (Andy Meyer), Ford (John Norton) and Toyota (Mark Saxonberg). Click on the name of the company above to view the presentation that was given during the panel. After their presentations, panel members took questions from attendees.
Open Comment/Discussion
Following the panel, Mr. Gorman opened the floor for open comment and discussion. There was none.
Next Meeting
The next general meeting of NASTF will be held in conjunction with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress in Detroit, Michigan. The date of the meeting will be April 21, 2009. Details will be posted to the NASTF website.