October 31, 2007 Meeting Report

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National Automotive Service Task Force Meeting


October 31, 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada


Meeting Report



On October 31, 2007, the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) held its regular semi-annual meeting in conjunction with the CARS Convention in Las Vegas.


Charlie Gorman, NASTF Chair, ran the meeting.  He welcomed everyone and reviewed the agenda.  He explained to the group that the Training Committee has been made a subcommittee underneath the Service Information Committee, He stated that NASTF remains committed to training information availability, and that this committee and subcommittee will be able to work well together to develop and carry out appropriate projects.


Mr. Gorman also spoke about the non-political nature of NASTF as an organization, pointing out that NASTF has at times been used as a political football between those who support and those who oppose Right to Repair legislation.  He asked that everybody, when speaking about or writing about NASTF, please recognize that the organization has no political agenda, and neither supports nor opposes R2R or other legislation.  The mechanism that NASTF provides for ensuring access to information will be needed regardless of whether legislation is in place or not.


Director’s Comments

Mary Hutchinson, NASTF Administrator, presented an overview of some of the features of the NASTF website, including the new log-in feature where individuals can log in and select committees, etc.  Click here to view the presentation.


Ms. Hutchinson also introduced a new NASTF brochure, developed for a general audience and providing basic information on NASTF and what the organization does.  Click here to view or download a copy of the brochure.


Service Information Committee Report

Steve Douglas, Service Information Committee Co-Chair, made a presentation on the newly approved Service Information Committee Policies and Procedures, including committee objectives, issues that are beyond the scope of the committee and NASTF, the SIR procedure, timing, and process, and the SIR subcommittee.  Click here to view the presentation.


Dave Zwalina, Service Information Committee Co-Chair, talked about the importance of involvement from everyone, and re-emphasized following the system and filing SIR’s when there is an issue with finding needed information.  He also requested that everyone become involved in NASTF committees.


Tool & Equipment Committee Report

Charlie Gorman, Tool & Equipment Committee Chair, made a presentation regarding the accuracy of information in the NASTF scan tool matrices, including information that remains missing from certain manufacturers.  He also addressed the reprogramming matrix, which is being incorporated into the service information matrix, as well as the Tool & Equipment Committee Policies and Procedures.  Mr. Gorman also described an OEM Tool & Equipment Index project that ETI will be undertaking which will be of interest and use to NASTF participants.  Click here to view the presentation.


Collision Committee Report

In the absence of either of the Collision Committee Co-Chairs, Charlie Gorman gave the report.  He stated that the committee does have a matrix up on the NASTF website, and is in the process of making adjustments to that matrix to tailor it a little more closely to what they feel the needs of the collision industry is.  Mr. Gorman pointed out that some OEMs do not support collision the same way that they support service information because not all dealers are required to have body centers, so the parameters are different.


Ron Pyle, NASTF Vice Chair, reported on activities at the Collision Industry Council Roundtable.  A portal on the web has been developed where information that is pertinent to collision repairers will be made available.


Communications Committee Report

John Cabaniss, Communications Committee Co-Chair, pointed out the materials that were provided at the end of each table (pins, magnets, copies of articles, etc.).  He then gave a presentation addressing objectives and plans for the Communications Committee, collection of reprogramming information for the service information matrix, and NASTF website activity.  Click here to view the presentation.


Mr. Cabaniss stated that next steps for the committee will be to complete the collection and posting of reprogramming information, and to solicit feedback for how the information can be improved or better presented.  He also talked about an SAE Abstract on NASTF that will be presented in April at SAE World Congress. 


Vehicle Security Committee

Dave Lanspeary, (Vehicle Security Committee Co-Chair) presented the report, providing a status update on recent work by the committee on the Secure Data Release Model and Security Professional Registry project.  Click here to read or download the report.


Next a live demonstration of the Registry site and the Nissan interface was presented, followed by a question and answer period about the registry and SDRM (for details about SDRM, click here).


Old Business

Mr. Gorman reported that the Board has been spending most of its time addressing the documents and needs of the Secure Data Release Model project which is due to roll out by the first of the year, so other formation documents have been temporarily put on the back burner.


New Business

Ron Pyle provided information about a meeting and follow-up calls with the American Oil Change Association, in which assistance and direction was given to this group for potential ways to access the information they need in a more timely manner.


Open Comment/Discussion

Mr. Gorman opened the floor for open comment or discussion.  One question was asked about whether there is any resistance from dealerships about the SDRM.  Those present were reassured that NADA has been an active part of the development process, and that there has not been resistance to the SDRM from dealerships.


Next Meeting

The next general meeting of NASTF will be held in conjunction with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress in the Cobo Center and downtown Detroit, Michigan area.  The date of the meeting will be Tuesday, April 15.  Details will be posted to the NASTF webs