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Notice11/5/18: Continue to use your existing LSID and Password

We found in our cutover last night 11/4/18 that there were codes coming from some automaker sites which were going to cause our system to require multiple D1s during a transaction. This did not happen during our previous testing. Rather than have this happen we decided to keep the current method working. Use your LSID and your LSID password to access automaker sites.  

We will work with automakers to resolve this and alert you when we are ready to use the Authy codes. 

Account Migration

Migrating your account is intended to be a 5-10 minute process. It is very important that you perform the steps in order to avoid problems. Virtually all of our support calls have been as a result of not following the directions. With that said there are a few accounts that we have found to have errors in email address syntax or phone numbers that are not for the VSPs cell phone. Both of these will trip you up so be sure you verify that your email address and cell phone number are correct when we present you with your account information to verify

Steps to complete Migration:

1. Collect all the required documents to upload to your new account. 

Click here for a list of the documents we need you to collect so you can electronically upload them to SDRM 2.0. Please read this before you ask us about surety/employee dishonesty bonds. The information is right there in the document as to the conditions under which you must have one.  

2. Watch this video that describes and shows the process in the recommended order

Click here for a 14 minute YouTube video on what to expect and how to migrate your account. If you do not watch the entire piece you will not know how to complete the process and upload your documents. 

3. Using a web browser (Except Internet Explorer - we recommend Chrome or Firefox.Apple Safari,  iOS and Android are also supported) go to

4. use the "existing LSID" Yellow button. Do not click on Register or the login fields at this time. 

The Yellow Existing LSID button launches a special routine that allows you to confirm your current information and perform the steps to confirm your email and cell phone number so that you can setup Authy 2 form factor/ automaker website passcode app on your phone. 

Follow the directions in the YouTube Video (hint: you can open the YouTube video and start and stop it for each step)

More hints:

  • Doing this entire process on a smart phone is the easiest way. It was demoed on a computer to make the view bigger. 

  • When you are asked to create a password for the SDRM portal it must be 12 characters

  • You will use your email address - It cannot be duplicated with someone else in the system. You need your own email address

  • Authy will send you a text (SMS) message to install and set it up. This is the easiest way for most users. 

  • If you get stuck on Authy sending a message or not setting up properly email support with your LSID number and we will reset Authy

  • If your account is expired you will be taken to a payment screen to renew your application which will take a few days to complete. If you are not expired and this happens please contact support in one of the ways below

  • More to follow

5. Take the online training course to show you how to use the portal to manage your account and fill out each fo the 3 new D1 online forms. 

You will login to this link using your LSID and your original LSID password (unless directed by support otherwise - This would be new users)


Congratulations, you have completed your Migration.


NEW NASTF VSP Support Center 855-636-2783 or

  • Questions about applying for a Vehicle Security Credential (VSC). This process is completely online. You can sign up for a new account or renewal by clicking here
  • To renew your Vehicle Security Professional Credential - This will be a completely online process starting on November 5th.
  • To make password or contact information changes/updates - During our migration no password changes will be allowed. Changes during this transition will result in your inability to access OE sites. 
  • To get a status update on a VSC application submitted prior to October 15th use the email  link above. 
  • Questions about filling out Positive ID - D1 forms - Check the NASTF YouTube channel for directions to fill out each of the new D1 forms in SDRM 2.0

After Reviewing this document, do you need to acquire a surety/employee dishonesty bond for your business? NASTF has arranged with CNA Surety to provide online quoting of a NASTF Spec bond that meets our requirements. This is a convenience provided to our VSP community. You are not required to use CNA. We have found them to be very competitive and highly experienced in this area. If you would like to get a price for this insurance please click this link. 

Terms and Conditions HERE

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) HERE.

Downloadable D-1 Authorization Form: This is ONLY used when performing a contracting job D1 or for situations where connectivity prohibits you from using the online customer signature tool. Download here. For further directions on how to use this tool please visit these links on the NASTF You Tube Channel for more information Contracting use D1 or Customer use D1

Ready to apply for a new or additional VSC or sub account. Click HERE.

Mercedes Theft Relevant Parts portal HERE   

Tutorials: How to get key codes from OEM Technical service websites. Note: This reference is password protected. VSC holders please contact the help desk by email and we will send it to you: 

NASTF VEHICLE SECURITY INFORMATION MATRIX (click to download this xls file that contains links and information for each automaker website)

Is someone abusing the VSP registry or code brokering? Report them here

What is the VSP Registry?

The NASTF Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) Registry is a service created from the NASTF Secure Data Release Model (SDRM), a project of the NASTF Vehicle Security Committee. SDRM is a data exchange system (see graphic below) conceived and designed cooperatively by automakers, the independent repair, insurance and law enforcement communities; it allows the aftermarket to access security sensitive information related to automobiles, i.e. key codes, PIN numbers, immobilizer reset information, and similar types of information.  The NASTF VSP Registry program allows access to security-related information while protecting the safety and security of consumers and the integrity of automobile security systems.

Who should use the NASTF VSP Registry and why?

USA-resident* locksmiths and automotive technicians qualified in vehicle security system repairs need a subscription to the NASTF VSP Registry in order to purchase security codes and VIN-specific computer files directly from the OEM/automaker. Most automakers/OEMs make this information available instantly from their websites 24/7/365. See a list of the OEMs and the model year ranges available in this pdf file (click HERE).

Canadian resident locksmiths and automotive technicians can participate in the VSP. Email John Norris.

NASTF is not able to help with key or security. Contact local automaker agents.