Diagnostic Tool

Through any Suzuki Dealer or 
American Kowa Seiki, Inc.  1-262-864-8004 

Service & Collision Information

Collision and body information is included in service manuals.

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Reprogramming Information

Which models and model years are reprogrammable for which functions?

All modules and all model years in the table.

How does a technician determine whetehr a recalibration update is available for a specific vehicle?

See Technical Service Bulletins or Campaign Bulletins at

What OEM equipment is needed to reprogram vehicles?

OEM factory tool(s); to obtain, contact

What J-2534 reprogramming capabilities are available?

J-2534 programming capability is currently being investigated

How does a technician obtain the calibration?

Data needed is available to subscribers at

Please identify computer system requirements needed to support reprogramming.

High Speed ISP connection is required.  Download times with high speed connection will require 2-10 minutes normally.  Downloads using dial-up connections are not recommended due to large file sizes.

Internet Explorer is the recommended browser.