Service Information & Collision Information

Please visit https://techinfo2.porsche.com/PAGInfosystem/VFModuleManager?Type=GVOStart 

Diagnostic Tools & Reprogramming Information

Please visit https://techinfo2.porsche.com/techinfo/VFModuleManager?Type=DiagStart

Which models and model years are reprogrammable for which functions?

All Porsche vehicles from model year 2004 and on.

How does a technician determine whether a recalibration update is available for a specific vehicle?

Go to https://techinfo2.porsche.com/techinfo/VFModuleManager?Type=DiagLaw and enter the VIN, CVN ID, or CAL ID to verify the vehicle's compliance.

How does a technician get the recalibration update information?

All recalibration update information can be found on this link: https://techinfo2.porsche.com/techinfo/VFModuleManager?Type=Introduction#q02b

What equipment is needed to do reprogramming?

Recommended Pass Thru Device is SAE J2534-1

Porsche recommends Actia's Passthru + XS Pass Thru Device

          To order: http://www.actiaus.com

          More information: http://www.passthruxs.com/passthruxs.htm

What systems requirements are needed to support the reprogramming?

System requirements can be found on https://techinfo2.porsche.com/techinfo/VFModuleManager?Type=SystemRequirement