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Diagnostic and Reprogramming Tool

Tech 2® kit and Candi Module are available for purchase from Robert Bosch Aftermarket, LLC formerly Vetronix and OTC. 

Training & Training Materials  

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Service & Collision Information

Online service information is available by subscription access at

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Additional collision repair information maybe found at 

Reprogramming Information

Which models and model years are reprogrammable for which functions?

GM started service programming of Engine Controllers with some vehicles in the 1993 model year and ramped up to nearly 100% by the 1995 model year. The last engine controllers were for diesel engines used in medium duty trucks. All OBDII ECUs are programmable.

Body and chassis controllers were reprogramable in some vehicles starting in the 1996 MY, and phased in the next few years. Today some vehicles have as many as 28 reprogrammable controllers. 

How to determine whether a recalibration update is available for a specific vehicle?

Go to and input the vehicle's VIN and the site will return the calibration history for the particular vehicle. 


If assistance is needed, call the TIS 2 helpline at 1-888-212-8959


How to get the recalibration update information?

Go to and purchase one of the TIS 2 Web subscriptions. 




What equipment is needed to do the reprogramming?

A J-2534 device or a Tech 2® 


What systems requirements are needed to support the reprogramming?

For the latest copy of the TIS 2 Web Hardware and Internet Specification go to


General Information

Go to or call the ACDelco eBusiness Helpdesk 1-800-825-5886 prompt #3

TIS 2 Web ACDelco technical support can be reached at 1-888-212-8959

Where can I find information on the use of TIS 2 Web, Service Information and Tech 2®?