Service Info Request (SIR)

SIR is a feedback service allowing automotive professionals to submit a GAP ISSUE for urgent review by participating OEMs. A GAP ISSUE is a situation where service, collision, vehicle security, tool or training information is suspected to be available to a franchise dealer but not available outside the OEM's franchise network. FOR USE BY USA/CANADA RESIDENTS FOR USA/CANADA VEHICLES ONLY.

Use of the NASTF SIR requires filing clients have, in advance:
  1. Adequate knowledge, training, skill and tools to perform the job described in the SIR
  2. Employed appropriate and available aftermarket resources to suggest this SIR is a GAP ISSUE
  3. Researched the corresponding OEM service information website and purchased (when appropriate and necessary) a subscription to conclude that this SIR is a GAP ISSUE.
  4. Attempted to resolve (within 24 hours) the GAP ISSUE directly with the OEM using the OEMs CONTACT US email or form.
  5. Created a FREE NASTF SUPPORTERS account on NASTF.ORG. Check to see if you have one already: Click HERE
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You agree to above requirements 1-5. Click FILE AN SIR above to login to and file an SIR Use for reference only Comments, suggestions are welcome. NASTF does not provide vehicle service/repair help


ATTENTION: The objective of the SIR is to discover the actual status of the needed GAP information and to resolve the issue for everyone as quickly as possible. To do so most effectively requires respect by both parties of each others professional status.


Federal and state anti-trust laws prevent NASTF or any other organization from discussing, setting, or attempting to set, modify, or encourage information providers to set specific prices. Moreover, NASTF cannot vouch for the accuracy of any pricing information found on or accessible through the NASTF website.

NASTF's policy regarding unresolved SIRs or questions relating to OEM pricing can be found at

The original NASTF Service Information Standard Agreement signed voluntarily by many OEMs beginning in 2006 served to establish the framework for sharing service elements with independent technicians outside the OEM's own franchise network. In 2014 OEM's signed on to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), voluntarily extending the requirements of a Massachusetts state law across all 50 states of the USA for all OEMs who are members of their trade associations, The Global Automakers and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. With the MOU serving to supersede the need for a NASTF Service Information Standard Agreement, NASTF re-wrote that document into the NASTF Service Information Standard to serve as an operational policy.

Note that both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (ARB) have requirements that govern “fair and reasonable prices” for emission-related tools and information. The service information websites for EPA and ARB are provided below and contain the contact information for EPA and ARB: