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Porsche has restored access to the "Key and Programming" website pages as indexed from the NASTF OEM SERVICE WEBSITES page and the NASTF OEM Subscription Prices page.  (5pm EDT, 3/20/2017)


NASTF Spring 2017 General Meeting
1-4pm Central time, Monday, April 24, 2017
New Orleans, LA
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ATTENTION: Locksmiths & Vehicle Security Technicians

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MAZDA special service tool 49 G067 0A0 is a doppler simulator used to calibrate blind spot monitoring modules (usually after a rear-end collision repair). The Mazda website refers aftermarket techs to the Mazda dealer for "special service tools." This tool, however, has very limited application, used only on BSM version 2 where Mazda is already implementing BSM version 3, which uses a different tool. DSM Version 2 is only in 2016-2018 MX-5 and CX-3 models and this tool may only be needed for five model years on these two models. This tool, 49 G067 0A0, is available for purchase from Mazda by contacting If the $4000+ price does not make a business case, Mazda dealers, if convenient, do have the tool and can perform the calibration. (3/30/17)

VOLVO TRUCK - Programming of the Volvo/Mack Transmission control unit that is the subject of NASTF SIR #722 will be possible within the release of a new Premium Tech Tool (PTT) expected about May 1, 2017. After release, HD techs will need to update their version of PTT to 2.5.70 to add that new programming capability. There will be no charge for the addition of that programming capability on their current subscription, but when techs renew their PTT subscription, Volvo Truck may have implemented an increase from the current $200 (12-month) PTT subscription rate. (2pm EDT, 3/21/2017)

MOPAR/FCA wiTECH1, wiTECH2 & J2435 information updated on NASTF website. See special wiTECH page. (March 14, 2017)



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