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NASTF Support Desk call volume has lessened but is still very high. We have added another person to assist and shut down the chat function until we can get the length of calls and types of topics more appropriate for chat. That individual is also on the phones now.


Note: the help desk will be closed 12/24 - 12/25 and 12/31 - 1/1 

There are quite a few applications missing documents, payment or who have not completed background checks.

If your application is more then 15 days old you should log in to the portal to be sure this is not what is holding up your approval



Toyota announces new Key Code purchase policy. Please click here for a downloadable link


Thanks for alerting us when you run into problems. Please help the entire NASTF community by letting us know where trouble exists:




New erWin and Odis Subscriptions available from VW Group of America

Recently we completed an ODIS and erWin customer survey and are responding to your requests.

We now offer a 3-Day $60 .00 subscription to erWin as an option. We hope this new 3-Day subscription allows you to collect the service information you need before the vehicle arrives and access it longer into the repair of the vehicle.

In addition, we now offer a 1 week subscription to ODIS for $110.00. For those repair shops who don’t service VWGoA vehicles on a continuous basis, we felt that one week would be a good option. It allows you to anticipate the service by giving you enough time to ensure your ODIS laptop is ready for diagnostics without having to invest in a year-long subscription. Note: The 1 week subscription does NOT begin until you first logon to begin a diagnostic session.


SDRM 2.0 Nearly 4100 have successfully migrated their accounts - Registration for new Primary and Sub Accounts is open. 

NASTF began the roll out of SDRM 2.0 with a new video on how to migrate your VSP account on September 20th. With over 6000 active Vehicle Security Professionals in the Registry NASTF asks our VSPs to help us by uploading the documents that are required for the registry. You will find a list of these documents to download or view on the Vehicle Security Professional page on this site. 

The New SDRM portal brings lots of new features to the table but for most users it will be a major shift in how they do things. Users will be able to perform virtually all functions of managing their account and D1s through the web portal which is also smart phone and tablet friendly. D1s will be filled out online and customer signatures can be gathered directly on a phone or tablet. VSPs will find that everything from renewing their credential to handling transactions will be faster and easier. Most important, no more manual processing or storing D1s. The SDRM 2.0 will store them with bank level encryption.You will have access to your history within the Portal. Click on the picture below to see the migration video and several other SDRM helper videos on the NASTF YouTube channel. 

Visit the VSP page on this site to learn more by clicking here




NASTF Fall 2018 General Meeting Video






KIA CAN and TPMS interference TSBs - Save diagnostic time. 

Since 2011 KIA has been producing documents outlining issues that can occur with their CAN equipped vehicles when certain devices are introduced to the vehicle electrical system. KIA is not unique in this problem however there are some drivability problems that can be very frustrating for techs to diagnose. These can be remedied by identifying and removing these devices. You will find links to 3 different TSBs that identify the problem, the devices that cause it and solutions. For those of you who want the bottom line DLC Dongles are particularly troublesome and can cause diagnostic failures and drivability problems. Another source of issues are non-us navigation/infotainment devices that create noise in the U.S. TPMS frequency of 315 MHz where U.S. vehicles are not shielded. This can result in difficult to find TPMS warning indication.







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About The National Automotive Service Task Force (2 min)

The National Automotive Service Task Force is a not-for-profit organization established to facilitate the identification and correction of gaps in the availability and accessibility of automotive service information, service training, diagnostic tools and equipment, and communications for the benefit of automotive service professionals. NASTF is a cooperative effort among the automotive service industry, the equipment and tool industry and automotive manufacturers.


There is no cost to participate in NASTF. If you are a professional auto service technician, shop owner, OEM service employee or any other automotive industry professional supporting the mission of NASTF, please enroll here on our website. Click HERE.