Toyota Tech Info Site Updates 8/24

NASTF Vehicle Security Professionals and Toyota Tech Info users. Toyota will be making updates to their website the evening of August 24th. The site will be unavailable during this time. Watch for an email from Toyota describing actions you need to take to reconfigure sub accounts for your security account with Toyota.

Mitsubishi Info and Key Site Back Up

Mitsubishi's site was down over the weekend but is up and running as of 12:40 ET Monday 8/20. 


Current OE Site Status

as of 08/15/18

No issues

Thanks for alerting us when you run into problems. Please help the entire NASTF community by letting us know where trouble exists:




NASTF Spring General Meeting 

66 attendees joined us for our Spring General meeting during ETI ToolTech18 in Tucson. Several great presentations included: the latest cyber threats from the FBI/DOJ Read Motor Age, Mike Willins coverage by clicking here. Attendees also got to hear from Delphi Trainer, Dave Hobbs about how automakers and Delphi are integrating 48 Volt light hybrids, new cylinder deactivation techniques, improvements in IC engine technology and V2I communications to increase fuel mileage by up to 20%. Team Education presented the status of the Road to Great Technicians project. Team Vehicle Security presented current VSP project statistics and an overview of the SDRM2.0 status and improvements. (both of these will be presented on their respective team calls since we were unable to record this session's presentations). We closed the session with something new we called Lightning Updates. Seyfer took a mic around the room so that attendees could give brief updates on what is happening in their part of the industry. We heard from tool makers, DHS gave us an update on counterfeit tools, mentorship programs, collision team update and many others. It was agreed to do this session again in the fall and make it longer. NASTF thanks ETI for hosting the event and the reception that followed encouraging even more networking. 

Bob Stewart - GM, Steve Douglas - Auto Alliance, Chris Gardner - AASA, John Lypen - Motor and Doug Greenhaus - NADA enjoy the ETI NASTF reception following the spring general meeting in Tucson.  

WORLDPAC STX2018 - Dallas

The NASTF road show pulled into Dallas just in time for one of the biggest rain storms of the year. Imagine driving in a car wash. The rain did not slow down the WTI/CTI training machine delivering 168 training classes over 3 days. NASTF is very grateful to Bob Cushing, Rob Morrell, Mark Warren and Chris Chesney for the amazing promotion of NASTF at the event. Local girl Vania was on hand to sign up new members while Donny Seyfer talked tech with visitors to our trade show booth. We average 21 new members per hour limited only by the number of tablets we had going. We signed up 126 new members during the show and they are still coming in. Mercedes TRP was our most popular topic. We enjoyed seeing so many NASTF supporters and vehicle security professionals at the event. Thank you again to all involved. 

Vania and Donny did not have time to take this picture until 5 minutes after the show closed. 



NASTF Fall 2017 General Meeting Video






MB USA Xentry Ordering Update

NASTF has learned that requests for Mercedes Xentry are overloading their ability to keep up with demand. The Xentry is configured in Germany by way of New Jersey at this time so MB USA recommends that shops needing the Xentry plan ahead. In some cases it can take as long as 3 months to fill an order. MB USA is in the process of merging their New Jersey and Florida offices and hopes to find some ways to streamline the process. In the meantime they have asked us to convey their appreciation for your patience. 

KIA J2534 Programming Update

J2534 software has a new version. Please discontinue use of the old app and download the new one. Also, please clear your browser cache before you do any transactions with the KIA site. We have already had reports of connection issues for VSPs that were resolved by clearing cache and saved passwords for the site. The old J2534 app had a problem where a missing instruction was causing technicians to believe they had damaged the module. It could be recovered by by KIA GDS but not the J2534 app. This has been repaired and messaging updated. Thank you to KIA for a quick resolution and to Christian Brothers for bringing it to our attention. 



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