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50 State Chrysler has two different sets of diagnostic scantools used to program ignition keys on Chrysler vehicles. Depending on the model year and vehicle line; either the StarSCAN/StarMOBILE can be used or the DRBIII. In order to select the appropriate scantool, a complete Vehicle to Diagnostic Tool reference chart is available at the following link:
* DRBIII handheld diagnostic scantool (CH-6000A)
* StarSCAN handheld diagnostic scantool (CH-9400)
* StarMOBILE VCI in conjunction with a laptop or PC (CH-9800)
Chrysler diagnostic scantool order forms are available at  You may also obtain scantool purchase and lease information at
1996 Model Year and later NA Yes Yes NA
50 State Option 1. j2534 box that Ford had tested with (list on Option 2. Ford Vehicle Communications Module (VCM) and laptop/PC with Windows XP SP2 Key codes - 1998 and later. Immobilizer reset can be performed with availabale tools, no additional security related information necessary. No Yes NA No  
50 State  Tech 2 Key Code and Immobilizer reset - 1998 and after  Yes Yes NA;  
50 State GNA600 Kit and Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) Software Package - for use with immobilizer codes. Can be purchased through Honda Service Express    ( Key codes - 1991 - Present for Honda and/or Acura vehicles.
Immobilizer reset functions for all vehicles that support reset (except Prelude, RL (through 2004), Acura NSX 
Yes Yes Yes No  
Hyundai 50 State Hi-Scan Pro can be purchased - see information on - for use with immobilizer codes. Key codes and immobilizer pin where applicable for 1996 MY and later.  NA Yes Yes NA  
Jaguar 50 State Using Jaguar service tool (see for purchase details) N/A N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A Jaguar currently falls under the exception for annual unit sold in California. Security service support options under study.
Kia 50 State GDS Basic - Information available in "Tool & Equipment" section at - Required for immobilizer programming on supported models. Key Codes - 2004MY and later Immobilizer PIN - 2004MY and later NA Yes Yes No PIN code required for imobilizer programming functions.
Land Rover 50 State Land Rover service tool (see for purchase details)
Stand alone scantool comms device (J2534 compliant) and bespoken application supplied to locksmiths registered with Land Rover. This application requires an enabling key that is specific to the work being undertaken by a locksmith.
Discovery 3 (LR3) 05MY onwards
Range Rover New 06MY onwards
Range Rover Sport 06MY onwards
Yes N/A  N/A N/A
A link for the locksmith requirement shall be provided for shortly on the home page which is free to view for registered subscribers
Land Rover is the only source of replacement keys and maintain two sites to support lock related issues one in the UK and one in the US. A locksmith will need to submit an order and providing all required information is supplied the order should be filled within one day of the request or via next overnight delivery.
Once the keys have been obtained the locksmith will need access to one of the tools referenced in order to enable the keys for that vehicle.
Note: It should be noted that this activity will disable all existing keys if they are not present when the new key(s) are enabled and a further key enabling exercise will need to be undertaken to enable all valid keys.
Freelander 2 07MY onwards Yes Yes  N/A N/A  Blank key fobs can currently be purchased from Land Rover dealers but the required tools mentioned are required to enable the key fob functions
Note: It should be noted that this activity will disable all existing keys if they are not present when the new key(s) are enabled and a further key enabling exercise will need to be undertaken to enable all valid keys
Mazda 50 State J2534 box (list on Or Mazda Module Diagnostic System (MMDS) with Windows XP SP2 Key codes - 1998 and later. Immobilizer and PATS reset can be performed with available tools.  NOTE: Scan tool must be able to retrieve Part Number, Error Control Number and Serial Number.                      *PATS (Passive Anti-theft System) require in-code retrieval. No Yes Yes* No  
Mercedes CA Only None (emergency key provided) 2008 and later No No N/A N/A System is set up to provide emergency key.  In California, key will be received on same day/next day (cutoff time for order for same day is 5 pm Central time).  Other 49 states the key shipment will be on the next overnight delivery.
Mitsubishi 50 State Multi-Use Tester - III.  Can be purchased from SPX 1998 MY and later NA Yes Yes - for scan tool NA PIN code is used to unlock security portion of scan tool   
50 State Nissan Consult III. Can be purchased through or at Nissan will provide key cut and immobilizer PIN codes for 2006 MY and later vehicles.   (Expanding to 1998 MY and later by end of 2008) Yes Yes N/A No A Printable "Overview of the Process" doucument can be found on the free side of the site.  Reset procedures are available for viewing only in the secured side of the site.
Porsche Studying possible implementation                
Subaru 50 State For immobilizer initialization you will need the Hitachi Diagnostic System - HDS 3000 available through Blue Streak Electronics Corporation at To cut keys Subaru recommends the Barnes Distribution PC +_ Flash machine for standard side cut keys and the Barnes Distribution BDLaser for high security style keys.  Key codes - 2000MY and later.
Immobilizer initialization functions for equipped vehicles - 2005MY and later.
Yes Yes N/A N/A A Printable overview of the Subaru lock information site SLIS document can be found on the free side of the site. 
Suzuki Continental U.S. (Hawaii coming soon) Suzuki Tech 2, Suzuki 32mb PCMCIA, CANdi Module,  Suzuki TIS2WEB. All models, all years N/A N/A N/A N/A  
50 State Toyota Diagnostic Tester scantool or Vetronic Mastertech w/ Toyota factory software or Toyota/Scion/Lexus Techstream scantool. Go to for tool purchase info. Key codes - 1989 and later
Immobilizer reset functions for equipped vehicles that support reset.
Yes Yes NA No Pilot test package available from Toyota. 
Volvo Cars of North America, LLC 50 States & US Territories For key cutting codes, Registered Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) will need access to Volvo's Online Bookstore.  VSP must have own key cutting equipment.  To pair a key to the vehicle immobilizer system, refer to Volvo's Computer Requirements under the bookstore's Site Links.  Additionally, VSP will need a Volvo VCT2000 or DiCE or compatible passthrough communication tool, and a subscription to Volvo's Vehicle Information and Diagnostics Application (VIDA). Key codes for the United States for Volvo car model years 1997 and onward. Yes Yes N/A No PC specifications are reasonable but strict.  Your PC must meet requirements or VIDA cannot install.  Use the VIDA Certification Agent to test your PC now by going to  Follow the link for RESOURCES > VIDA Certification Agent.  If you have not already established a bookstore customer profile, please do that  at  We recommend that all new VIDA users take the free, web-based VIDA training course available under VIDA Information under the bookstore's Site Links.
50 State A Registered Security Professional will need VAS 5052 or 5052A Tester with the current software. Pre-cut keys and key adaptations can be ordered on-line via a specific web site. Details of the program requirements are available free on-line at the and web sites under the home page heading"reprogramming". Immobilizer via pass thru for 2010 vehicles and beyond is also available. Details available at the same location.   Keys and Key adaptations available for USA  Immobilizer 4 equipped vehicles only  Yes N/A On-line secure download to the vehicle N/A VW and Audi dealers and our special key ordering web sites are the only reliable source for replacement keys. A VAS device with the most current software and a secure internet connection are required to enable the replacement key once it is obtained.   Note: Adapting a replacement key will disable all existing keys if they are not present when the new/replacement key(s) are adapted and another adaptation will need to be done to enable all new and existing keys. 
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