Education Committee

The NASTF Education Committee is chartered to facilitate the availability and accessibility to independent technicians of technical training resources where those resources are originated by or managed by the automaker.



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Education Committee Projects/Responsibilities

Industry Roadmap to GREAT Technicians: As a result of the March 2, 2016 NASTF Spring 2016 General Meeting session "Building the Road to GREAT Technicians," the NASTF Board of Directors has assigned the follow up to that session to the responsibilities of the NASTF Education Committee where ALL stakeholders (especially other associations) will be encouraged to participate in defining a common message and roadmap for GREAT technicians from high school through retirement. The vision for NASTF leadership is that all groups will continue to serve their own special interests but with coordination and visibility through the NASTF discussions our industry will be better served in the long run. See Road to GREAT Tech page.

Trainer License Project: to include independent trainer licensing and guidance to the OEM as to resource needs, search and navigation.

Education Matrix

What education resources are OEMs required by law or agreement to provide for independent training?

The EPA Information Access Rule applies to emission-related systems on 1994 MY passenger vehicles and later; and essentially mandates that all such training information be made available from an index on the OEM technical website upon publication to their franchise dealers. READ THE EPA DOCUMENT  HERE (a pdf download)

Most OEM manufacturers voluntarily participate in the NASTF Service Information Standards Agreement where Section I (J) extends the OEM commitment to non-emission-related information.

A law in Massachusetts requires "repair information" to be provided to independents (in Mass.) from the OEM website for vehicles of 2002 MY forward.


2016 Education Committee Conference Call Schedule:

11am ET/8am PT, Wednesday, January 20

11am ET/8am PT, Wednesday, May 4

11am ET/8am PT, Wednesday, July 20

11am ET/8am PT, Wednesday, October 26

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August 17, 2016 Special Meeting (Trainer Licence Project)

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