Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

For access to J-2534 Information on the Ford service information website:

  1. Click on "Technical Resources".
  2. Click on "Reprogramming & Initialization".
  3. Scroll down for J-2534 information

Which models and model years of vehicles can be reprogrammed?

  • Emission-related (OBDII) modules on some vehicles manufactured in 1995 and all vehicles manufactured from 1996 to the present
  • Non-emission-related modules on many vehicles (UBP and Medium Speed MSCan are not supported)

VIDEO: Reflashing demo of a 2008 Ford Fusion with Subscription & FMP Setup (11 min)

How does a technician determine whether a reprogramming event is needed for a particular vehicle?


Go to,  "Reprogramming and Initialization", select “Latest Calibration Information” and you will be directed to a web page where you select the vehicle. After listing vehicle information, select "Submit" and you will get a list with the latest part numbers for that vehicle.


What OEM equipment is needed to reprogram vehicles?


J-2534 device or Integrated Diagnostic Software with VCM or VCMII

How to obtain Ford diagnostic tools?

Ford Diagnostic Tools are available from Select "Diagnostic Tool Support" on the left hand side, then select the tool for ordering information.

How does a technician obtain the Calibration?


Data needed is available to subscribers at


Select "Purchase Subscription", then "Reprogramming & Initialization"

To determine whether there are new calibrations before purchasing a subscription:


  Select "Quick Guides", then "Latest Calibration Information"


Identify computer system requirements needed to support reprogramming.  

For the most current requirements are available on Select "Reprogramming and Initialization" on the left hand menu.