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SAE J2534

For access to SAE J2534 information go to the service information website,

Software calibrations for SAE J2534 pass-thru tools are found under the Related Documents link, then click on "J2534 Flash Availability”. For complete information refer to the J2534 Manual 3.1.

The TechAuthority website provides access to TechAuthority Online with a purchased subscription. The subscription allows access to the SAE J2534 Application, SAE J2534 applicable ECU flash files, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), service diagnostic procedures, and Chrysler wiring diagrams.

VIDEO: Reflashing demo of a 2001 PT Cruiser (5 min)

Which models and model years of vehicles can be reprogrammed?

For reprogramming with a SAE J2534 device:
  • Some 1995 model year vehicles equipped with OBD II
  • 1996 and subsequent model year vehicles
  • Emission related functions for engine and transmission control modules.
Emission related functions for engine and transmission control modules can also be reprogrammed with Chrysler's diagnostic scan tools.
Powertrain Control Module Initialization requires the use of Chrysler's diagnostic scan tools.
Specific body control modules can be reprogrammed with Chrysler's diagnostic scan tools.


How does a technician determine whether a reprogramming event is needed for a particular vehicle?

  1. Launch
  2. On bottom of home page, click on “Related Documents and Links” and a new page will load.
  3. Inside the “Related Documents” section of the page, click on “Flash Availability - J2534/Pass Thru Device” to view the PDF document that contains a list of supported calibration files.  The PDF contains the old and new calibration part numbers, along with the corresponding TSBs that can either be opened from the server, or saved to the user’s hard-disk drive, then opened.  This requires a PDF viewer to view Chrysler’s file.

What OEM equipment is available to reprogram vehicles? 

For information about Chrysler diagnostic scan tools go to, on bottom of main page, click on “Related Documents and Links”.
On the left side of the page click on “Wi-Tech Order Form" to purchase Chrysler diagnostic scan tools.
For a list of Chrysler recommended SAE J2534 tools refer to page 4 of the  J2534 Manual 3.1.


How does a technician obtain the Calibration?

To download SAE J2534 ECU Flash reprogramming files, you will need a valid TechAuthority Online Subscription.

After logging into TechAuthority Online, select J2534 Flash Application Process link. On the new window, scroll to the section labeled “The Chrysler J2534 Flash Application – Application Usage and Support”.

To download flash files, select the “Click here to download ECU reprogramming files” link. Refer to the  J2534 Manual 3.1 for complete information.


Identify computer system requirements needed to support reprogramming.  

Review the minimum PC Requirements found on link from Related Documents at bottom of main page.