Logo Use

We would like to invite everyone to help spread the word about NASTF and its activities.  A booster logo, indicating your support for NASTF, is now available for download in .jpg format.  If another format or a non-booster version is needed, please contact the NASTF administrator.  Logo useage guidelines follow the download links, or may be downloaded as a pdf file.

Download Booster Logo (small) - jpeg file (Save picture shown)

Download Booster Logo (large) - jpeg file (Save picture shown)

NASTF Logo Usage Guidelines

The use of the logo for the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) is regulated according to specific guidelines. The NASTF logo is a registered trademark and protected by copyright law, therefore its use in any form requires prior authorization by NASTF. NASTF does allow and encourage the use of the NASTF logo by individuals, businesses and organizations to assist disseminating information about NASTF and its mission. A “We Support NASTF” logo is also readily available for use on websites or in print.
The following guidelines apply to use of the NASTF logo once permission to use has been issued:
The NASTF logo may not be altered in any way to change the general outward appearance of the logo. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Proportion – The logo must be kept proportionate in size. If resized through a graphics-editing program, the logo must not be unevenly stretched, skewed, or distorted in any fashion. During the resizing process, the “constrain proportions” or “maintain aspect ratio” option must be used.
Logo Area – The area of the logo (image area) may not be altered by addition or layering of images, text or any element whatsoever as to alter the appearance of the logo.
Misrepresentation – No other logos or elements may be introduced so as to give the impression that the logo represents an endorsement, strategic alliance, affiliation, or partnership.
Color – The logo colors must not be changed from their original values. Print colors for the NASTF logo are PMS199C – Red, and PMS072C – Blue.
Redistribution – The logo my not be redistributed to any third party or be used to represent any person or business other than the original requesting party.
Removal – NASTF reserves the right to have the user remove the logo from any website or print material for whatever reasons NASTF deems necessary.
If you have further questions about proper use of the NASTF logo or want to report an instance of logo abuse, please send an e-mail to the NASTF Administrator