Tool/Equip Committee

Committee Mission Statement: The NASTF Tool & Equipment Committee will identify, report, and address gaps in the vehicle and component manufacturers' information required to allow tool and equipment manufacturers to design and build products capable of emulating the tools and equipment provided to original equipment dealerships and repair networks.



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ETC Projects & Responsibilities

Monitor status of Secure Vehicle Interface standards and technologies and discuss effects on maintenance and repair.

Campaign for v5 - When SAE releases (in summer 2015) J-2534 v5.0 to supersede v4.04, the Calif ARB may need to see general industry support for v5 before updating its requirement on OEMs. The ETC will assess the benefits and costs of implementing v5 and solicit a broad consensus of stakeholders (OEMs, technicians, tool-makers, regulators) for a report to ARB.

Tool-maker matrix - NASTF is reviewing a replacement for the out-of-date Tool Matrix. For technicians, the Service Information Committee is responsible for information regarding the availability and information regarding diagnostic tools.

NASTF is also a resource for scan tool manufacturers who encounter gaps in available OEM information and thereby cannot complete the release of an effective scan tool. The NASTF SIR ( is a feedback tool available for that use. All tool makers are first directed to resourses provided by the Equipment & Tool Institute (ETI).

2017 ETC Conference Call Schedule:

11am ET/8am PT, Wednesday, February 22

11am ET/8am PT, Wednesday, May 10

11am ET/8am PT, Wednesday, August 16

11am ET/8am PT, Wednesday, October 25

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