Service Info Request (SIR)

All Information Requests can now be submitted online directly from the NASTF site; no membership is required.  The information request form is intended to be used to identify gaps in availability of service information, tools and equipment information, collision repair information, training information, and vehicle security information.

Also available for viewing is a list of all information requests submitted since December, 2004.  These records may be sorted according to any column heading and a free-form search may be conducted using the search field.

FILE an SIR: To submit an information request, click here.

View archive of SIRs, click here.

NASTF encourages Information Requests be focused on whether or not certain service information is generally available. However, federal and state anti-trust laws prevent NASTF or any other organization from discussing, setting, or attempting to set, modify, or encourage information providers to set specific prices. Moreover, NASTF cannot vouch for the accuracy of any pricing information found on or accessible through the NASTF website. Thus, while NASTF recognizes that both independent and dealer repair shops must make substantial investments in tools, training, and information to properly service and repair motor vehicles, any questions or concerns regarding the pricing of service information, tools, or training should be directed to the appropriate service information, tool, or training provider.

The agreement between NASTF and an OEM that establishes the rules of the Service Information Request (SIR) is the NASTF Service Information Standards and is signed voluntarily by many (but not all) OEMs. Some OEMs who are not allowed by corporate policy to sign this agreement, are however actively participating in the SIR.

Note that both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (ARB) have requirements that govern “fair and reasonable prices” for emission-related tools and information. The service information websites for EPA and ARB are provided below and contain the contact information (email and phone numbers) for EPA and ARB:

Contact: Arvon Mitcham,, (734) 214-4288

Contact: Dean Hermano,, at (626) 459-4487