NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 873 Status: Received
State: OH Name: Christopher
Category of Request: Body - Fit & Finish, Glass, Collision Repair Manufacturer: 2016 WESTERN STAR 5700 XE

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
We need information on the replacement of the right side sleeper panel and partial sleeper floor replacement. The sleeper is damaged on the right side. The right sleeper side panel must be replaced and the flooring is damaged. The metal floor system is severely torn and has exposed the plastic honeycomb insulator material that is sandwiched between metal panels of the floor. Sleeper/Cab roof will also need to be removed.
Description of Information not available
I am unable to access any repair data to show the parts affected or any information showing the proper removal and replacement of the panels and flooring. I am also unable to access and repair methods to section the flooring system if possible. Floor cross member and floor structural replacement procedures would also be necessary. If a sleeper replacement is the only option, we would need the documents on that as well. Roof removal is also likely.
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
I utilized NASTF's OEM link to Western Star's and clicked the link to "Various links. Click HERE to NASTF instructions", then I chose the link under "DTNA Chassis Service Literature" and clicked the link to . I looked for "Click the link to the Access Request Form, Independent Repair Shops. This takes you to a Word doc to be completed and mailed with certified funds to gain access." The form was not findable according to the directions on NASTF. It required some hunting on other links on the page to find the form. To our surprise, the form states that there is a 6-8 week verification period before access is granted. I contacted DTNAConnect Technical Support Phone: 855-639-8680 and they did not believe there was any information available either. I worked with our Western Star Parts Dealer and we were unable to come up with the information as well.
Other Comments or Concerns
This time frame is not realistic for our customer. The cost and pricing structure is prohibitive as well considering that I've verified from the dealer that the information isn't available after a deep search using their tools. It would be very difficult to tell our customer to wait 6-8 weeks only to find that the information isn't there. DTNA's $2000 total yearly fee is similar to the automotive OEM's yearly access fee. I would suggest that the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly pricing model mirror the automotive OEM fees as well. It would make sense since the yearly fee is almost the same as the majority of automotive OEM's. $300 per hour and $350 per day for info that may or may not be there after waiting 8 weeks for it is in need of re-evaluation in my eyes.
Donny Seyfer - 04/20/2018
We have found that HD collision information is very difficult to source. NASTF does not have a Western Star contact. We have reached out to TMC and ATA to see if a there is a contact that might be able to help Mr. Sterwerf. At this date we do not have any contacts.