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Tracking: 87 Status: Closed
State: FL Name: Steve
Category of Request: OEM Special Tools Availability Manufacturer: JAGUAR

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We are/were working on a 2000 XK8 with some manner of security issue. The info we needed was a description of the system and a complete wiring diagram. Specifically we are focused on the security module and the diagram has less wiring shown than the cars module has. We are not getting any activity from the remotes. The LED positioned on the shifter is out always. The main problem is a no start condition. The key recognition start signal is not being processed by the body module and since the remotes and security LED are inactive we are looking for a description of the system and complete wiring. We are using an Autologic scanner as up to this point we have been unable to purchase the IDS. Last attempt was made during our period as an OEM database auditor last winter. We called numerous times to the number listed and was told numerous times they would get back to us. It never happened. Using other resources we contacted Bill Larkin and Scott Tucker in tech support. While very accomodating they were not able to provide pricing and availability data.
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Steven Douglas - 6/15/2006 12:13:57 PM
I have gone through all of the information that we publish and it is all on the Jaguartechinfo website. Admittedely, there might be some security material that might not be there, and I can only assume it was not published as a matter of vehicle protection. That being said, the diagnostic unit (IDS) must be made available for aftermarket purchase and it can be sourced through SPX. There is a link on the Jaguar website that leads to this supplier. I am unaware of inventory, as this is a brand new piece of equipment and stock might not be readily available yet. The diagnostics would be able to interrogate the instrument pack and key exciter ring that is part of the start circuit. The IDS is somewhere around $18,000 USD. I am not in equipment sales, but if a unit order is placed and we are unable to fill the order I will chase it for the complainant. Additional feedback from Jaguar Manager-Dealer Technical Support: Further the information on purchasing an IDS. IDS for Jaguar was not released to our dealer network until the end of December 05 with completion to the dealer network end of January 06. To date, SPX has only received 3 orders from independents. Due to component shortages, SPX have not been able to fill those orders. That situation has just been rectified. SPX is expected to start shipment shortly on orders already placed. Regards, Jaguar Manager, Dealer Technical Support.