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Tracking: 786 Status: Closed
State: IN Name: Reggie
Category of Request: OEM Special Tools Availability Manufacturer: BMW

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
We have been using the BMW ICOM Next for several months. A few weeks ago it stopped working. At this point we filed a ticket with OOS support. They determined that we were using an incompatible version of Windows (our machine automatically updated to Windows 10). We had an IT company reinstall windows 8.1 and the toold started working again. A few weeks later, the tool stopped working again. We filed another trouble ticket. This was ~3 weeks ago. During these last 3 weeks we've been going back and forth through their tech support portal. At one point they advised us to update firmware. They provided this firmware, which turned out to be for the wrong tool. Any time a communication happens between us and OSS support, there is a delay, sometimes a few hours. Today they cancelled our trouble ticket with no resolve. We are paying an IT group to do many of the steps they are requesting as we do not have the man power to put a highly trained tech on this as a full-time job. We are also paying BMW TIS $250 for a month of service without any ability to use the tool/information. Of course we are also losing valuble production time while all of htis is being sorted out. It is an unbelievably bad experience for us as an independant shop specializing in BMW's.
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Tech support
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The original support ticket which was cancelled was: INC000010944936 New support ticket filed today: INC000011185056
Other Comments or Concerns
Thank you so much for providing this resource to independant repair shops!! Oh, I htink it should be noted too that we purchased the tool through our local BMW dealer, which should ensure we don't have one of the counterfeit units that are apparently prevalent.
Paul Soar - 03/14/2017
BMW was contacted and they are looking into the situation.
Paul Soar - 03/17/2017
BMW has contacted the client and is working on changes in the firmware for the PC.
Paul Soar - 03/26/2017
The final report was that this was related to a technical issue with the firmware in the PC, not with the ICOM hardware. BMW's technical support worked closely with the clients IT to remedy the problem.