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Tracking: 775 Status: Closed
State: IL Name: RYAN
Category of Request: OEM Special Tools Availability Manufacturer: all MERCEDES ALL

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
we tried to purchase the oem mercedes scan tool because autologic pulled all of their mercedes programming capability from their scan tool. I was told by auto logic that they were going to be sued by mercedes so they had to pull almost all of their programming capabilities. I contacted mercedes bens and was ready to send out the payment and contract for the new tool. mercedes responded by phone stating that they can not sell me the xentry 2 scantool because it is now obselete and that the xentry 3 will not even be available until april at the earliest. i asked them if they have loaners available. they said yes they do but they can not give me one because i am not a previous customer. this is completely unfair. I need the ability to program these vehicles and they are not providing it. please help
Description of Information not available
oem scantool not available
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
contacted mercedes by email and by phone
Other Comments or Concerns
please see if we can get a loaner tool until such time as the new tool is available. we will be more than happy to pay the current cost of the xentry 2 and then anything else if the xentry 3 is more expensive when it is released. they have plenty of them on hand. i cant be without mercedes software for 4 to 6 months . this will destroy my business
Paul Soar - 01/17/2017
MBUSA was contacted and NASTF is waiting for a response.
Paul Soar - 01/29/2017
XENTRY support was contacted for more information. Mercedes is in a process of updating the XENTRY system. The XENTRY version 2 is no longer sold, and the XENTRY new version 3 is not expected to be available until March 2017. Currently there is no OEM XENTRY available for purchase.
Paul Soar - 02/10/2017
NASTF is still working on this situation. More information to come.
Skip Potter - 03/01/2017
MBUSA confirmed the pending release of a new version of their XENTRY software but has no release date from MB HQ in Germany. It is NASTF's policy to leave SIRs of this type open, "Action Pending" until the OEM confirms release.
Paul Soar - 04/17/2017
Pending release of the XENTRY version 3 is now pushed to the end of April 2017.
Paul Soar - 06/02/2017
The XENTRY 3 was not released in April 2017 to the ISPs. There is no actual time frame for release, but it is still in process. It is expected to be released soon.
Paul Soar - 07/03/2017
NASTF will continue to monitor this situation.
Paul Soar - 08/28/2017
Mercedes has released the XENTRY Diagnostic Kit 3. The purchase will require an application. The information for the new tool can be found at> Workshop Resources>XENTRY Diagnostic Systems. Once there, a PDF can be downloaded that includes all the details. The requester is in process of ordering a new tool.