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Until recently, I could purchase a 3-day iVadis and WSDA subscription, purchase & download software packages. This is no longer an option with the web-based VIDA. I must now purchase at least a 3 day VIDA all-in-one subscription ($104.00) wait for Volvo to send me a DVD, install the entire application on my computer (which I'm told takes hours to do) just for the privelge of buying software. This is completely impractical! Not only can we not download and repair a car in a timely manner, we have to load huge amounts of software to our PC. My out-of-pocket expense ($104) to have the privelge to download is higher than what the Volvo dealers charge at retail (and I still have to spend hours loading software on my computer, and then purchase and upload software to the car). To add more insult to injury, as I tried many times today to purchase this "Golden Opportunity", Volvo's website kept saying that my "session timed out". It didn't matter how many times I logged back in to or refreshed the screen, I still got the same message. I even tried doing it from a different computer! I guess the dealers must be allowed more than 10 seconds in a session!?!?! I've wasted an entire afternoon trying get thru this this supposed to be added to my cost of doing business too? With all the reprogramming being done in the dealership on a daily basis, there is no way that they could be having the same kind of problems that we're faced with daily on the independent side of the fence!
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Steven Douglas - 2/28/2006 10:43:42 AM
Like most companies involved with computer applications, Volvo has had to upgrade its service application and has migrated from VADIS to VIDA. Advances in automotive technology as well as the need for a more advanced service application, for diagnosing and working with a more sophisticated and technologically advanced automobile, necessitated the development of VIDA. Due to the complexity of the automobile and the application needed to conduct Diagnostics and Software Downloads, a web-based application was no longer feasible. When a user requires a full VIDA application to conduct Diagnostics and Software Downloads a DVD is required to install the applications. Once the applications are loaded on a compatible PC, minimal time is need to activate a subscription each time one is purchased. You will not need a DVD each time you want to access VIDA however, after the initial installation a DVD is only required when a new version of VIDA has been released. The 3-day subscription fee for a VIDA All-In-One (Parts & Service Information, Diagnostics and Software Download capability) is $98.00 (plus $6.50 shipping). This subscription includes Parts Information, Service Information, Vehicle Diagnostics application, Software Download application, Service Bulletins, Tech Net Notes and Online Wiring Diagrams. As discussed in our phone conversation, I have checked our Help System at and see that you did not submit a Help Request notifying us that you were having a problem. If you had, we would have been able to instruct you to do the following to resolve your issue: "Your session has timed out." While configuring a subscription in the VIDA subscription wizard, you have received the error message "Your session has timed out." Solution: In your Internet Explorer browser's menu: Click Tools, Click Internet Options, Click on the Privacy tab. In the lower half of the Privacy screen, click Advanced to view Advanced Privacy Settings. In Advanced Privacy Settings, be sure the following options are selected: Override automatic cookie handling Accept First-party Cookies Accept Third-party Cookies Always allow session cookies. Click OK. Click OK again. These settings will allow your session to remain active throughout the subscription process. I am sorry that you had so much difficulty subscribing to VIDA, however, if you had made us aware of your issues we would have been able to address them promptly. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. Sincerely, Service Operations Specialist Volvo Cars of North America, LLC