NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 764 Status: Closed
State: IL Name: RYAN
Category of Request: Security Information Manufacturer: 08 SMART 2 FOR 2

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Perform authorization of PCM thro SAM.
Description of Information not available
Need to input 12 digit security code to perform alignment of PCM and SAM. We are locksmith licenced. And following procedure to start the vehicle. Plese have SMART refund subscription $60 or provide us with correct code string per VIN provided.
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Attempted to contact SMART multiple times. Original post#747 was not answered, money not refunded. Now we are looking at another $60 plus previous charges to find out that programing cost is $925 and security is not available for LSID customer for unknown reason.
Other Comments or Concerns
Please help us get thro this procedures. And make it more friendly for thechs in the field
Paul Soar - 01/13/2017
Paul Soar - 01/29/2017
Smart has been notified of this request. NASTF is waiting for a reply from the manufacturer.
Paul Soar - 02/10/2017
NASTF is continuing to contact MBUSA for clarification on SMART car J2534 information. More information to come>>>
Skip Potter - 03/01/2017
MBUSA informs NASTF that the missing document describing J2534 is part of a site update expected the week of March 6, 2017.
Paul Soar - 03/07/2017
MBUSA has completed an update to the to list documents related to J2534. In this request, the client was needing security code that is needed when replacing the SAM unit. This code is not available through J2534. The code can be generated through the XENTRY system. Currently, the XENTRY not being sold while in transition to a new version. The new version is expected to be released between March - April 2017.
Paul Soar - 06/06/2017
- The XENTRY 3 was not released in April 2017 to the ISPs. There is no actual time frame for release, but it is still in process. It is expected to be released soon. However, a new version of J2534 has been released - Xentry Pass-Thru. This can purchased through It is still unclear of the capabilities of this software.
Paul Soar - 07/03/2017
NASTF is still pursuing more information on this issue and will continue to monitor this situation.
Paul Soar - 08/28/2017
Mercedes has released the XENTRY Diagnostic Kit 3. The purchase will require an application. The information for the new tool can be found at> Workshop Resources>XENTRY Diagnostic Systems. Once there, a PDF can be downloaded that includes all the details.