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Tracking: 76 Status: Closed
State: NJ Name: Ivan
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: GENERAL MOTORS

Have you checked the OEM website?
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I understand that the media reports a very low number of complaints regarding the release of information from the OEs to the independent repair facilities. The bulk of us, independents, are to busy running our businesses to take the time out to alert your agency about these problems. It is unfortunate because we encounter these problems every day and it appears the OEs are in control at this time. I would like to supply you with 2 experiences the I have encountered this week alone. Monday, a 2002 Chevrolet Malibu with a 3100 v6 needed reprogramming for TSB 01-06-04-018A for a P1404 code. I purchased a $20 subscription on ACDelco's website for a 24 hour pass. They took my payment via credit card, I navigated to the menu that let me choose reprogramming for a GM vehicle. The next menu gave me 3 choices. 2 ended up being ads for their factory equipment and information. The one that was supposed to be programming info took me to a Page not found page mentioning that the info was forbidden to me. Dead end. My Snap On dealer who sold me my Pass Thru Pro, found out the GM reneged on their agreement to allow access via J2534 and that they were now using different parameters. Today I had the opportunity to try again. This time on a 2002 Mazda MPV with a 3.0 liter engine. I figured I would make an attempt to reprogram again. This time I went to MazdaTech website that is the same one on your matrix. I purchase a 24 hr pass for 29.95. I carried this product to the check out register and after purchasing, it would down load software to my computer and allow me to reprogram via a J2534 devise. I agreed to the terms of the final purchasing page and directly sent to a " Page not found " page. Now I know the OEs do not want independents able to service their makes and models, but the fact that this activity is taking place with no reproductions is appalling. My peers are so disgusted that they feel defeated and feel there is no one who would listen to our complaints or would have the power to do anything about it. Having had this happen twice in one week, says to me that all manufacturers are joining forces to play this same game. If allowed the consumer wil have no choice but to return to the dealer, which gives them the perception of being better than my shop. A dealership is not better than my shop or any shop that has qualified personnel. They just have better equipment and most of the time their techs do not know how to use this equipment or they rely on it and don't use their brains to think through the problems. I would appreciate some form of contact after receiving the email, to let me know, I am not alone in this fight because that is exactly how it feels. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
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Steven Douglas - 2/27/2006 11:57:13 AM
We apologize for the difficulties you encountered while trying to reprogram a GM vehicle. Please be advised GM reprogramming information details and the required hardware and software can be found at the following website address: It is not necessary to purchase a daily subscription to the site to access the link to Vetronix, the GM vendor for reprogramming software. It is available as an annual subscription from Vetronix. I have pasted the Vetronix pricing information below for your convenience. From your message below, I believe you were trying to purchase reprogramming software/information for a single vehicle, which is not currently available. Should you desire to purchase the GM SPS (Service Programming System) software which will allow for reprogramming all GM vehicles, please contact Vetronix directly at their website (or link through the gmtechinfo site) and they will assist you to obtain the hardware/software products best suited for your operation. Regards, GM Service Operations