NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 740 Status: Closed
State: AZ Name: david
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2008 NISSAN XTERRA

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
unable to program a blank TCM. Unable to locate original part # or calibration that will work
Description of Information not available
attempted to go to Nissan OE website to obtain original part # and calibration. could not find necessary information
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
consulted OE TSB, contacted Carlos at ALL Trans in Phx AZ. went to nearby transmission shop and tried several TCM part #'s from parts that are still in boxes.
Other Comments or Concerns
tried inputting part #'s 31705; 31000; 31010 and 31040 with no satisfactory results
Paul Soar - 06/27/2016
1. If using NERS software for programming, be advised that NERS currently does not support "Blank" RWD, 5 speed TCM programming. The only device that can perform programming on this type of ECU is the Consult III Plus. Nissan is working on a resolution. They are in a testing/validation stage at this point. We currently have no release date for a fix with NERS. NASTF is monitoring the progress. 2. To find the correct TCM part number if the old TCM is not available follow the method below. The method will only list the correct file for download when using the Consult III plus. This will NOT work if you are doing J2534 programming with NERS software. The new TCM part number will be needed for cross reference. To find “blank” TCM programming file if old TCM is not available (for C-III Plus) 1. Go to , select Parts icon, and enter VIN. 2. Select Powertrain 3. Select Automatic Transmission, Transaxle and Fitting 4. Scroll down on left side bar and select Automatic Transmission Assy- w/Transfer 5. Record the part number (Example: P/N 31000ZS04A) 6. Go to choose USA and log in to website 7. Select the Consult I, Consult III plus, ECU “Blank” programming and ECU Reprogramming icon 8. Select the C-III + Blank tab 9. Enter the first 5 digits of the part number (31000) 10. Enter the last five digits of the part number (ZS04A) 11. A list of configuration files for your TCM will populate. 12. Refer to the file with part number of the new ECU and then select the appropriate file to download. Again, this will only work if your are using the Consult III plus. It will not currently work with NERS.