NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 737 Status: Closed - Requester Not Satisfied
State: TX Name: Eugene
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2011 DODGE (RAM) 1500

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
The same problem occurred on 2 2011 Dodge 1500 vehicles with the 5.7 liter federal emission package. Software updates were recommended to address concerns listed in TSB for running conditions. In one vehicle there was a misfire concern and in the other there were codes listed for failed oxygen heater sensors on both front and rear banks. When I logged into the manufacturers website and initiated the J2534 Server to connect to each of these vehicles everything seemed normal the software goes directly into the Chrysler server and the screen showed the vehicles were identified and were being checked for reprogramming and then once each of these vehicle began to run through the steps for reprogramming a message appeared saying that the programming failed and after this failure on each vehicle the key would not respond, the vehicle could not be shut off, and the key would not release from the ignition switch. I accessed the manufacturer of my J2534 pass through tool and they said they have seen thousands of failures for this particular manufacturer and in our situation it appears that the total integration program module (tipm) was wiped out. I uninstalled all the Chrysler software, "J2534 Application" and reinstalled it and checked and updated both the Java RE, and the Adobe AIR, which it requires to work, and then tried to reprogram again after reinstalling the J2534 Application. When the server connected to the vehicle it sat there for 3 hours with the Screen showing that it was communicating with the ECU, and no dash lights came on, no key function at all the vehicle is dead in the bay.
Description of Information not available
the information for reprogramming is posted on the OEM website, in none of the published information did I see where the vehicle was not available to programmed and what ever information I need is within the confines of the software that is on the OEM server. We don't know exactly why these fail, but we know that the vehicle should not be rendered inoperable when connected directly to their server after having paid to gain access and using an approved and known compliant J2534 device, which I have used on many other vehicles with out any concern.
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
contacted a known programmer who has the Witech factory diagnostic tool, he contacted Drewtech, who makes the J2534 Passthru Pro III for Snap On and they confirmed what he found, the manufacturers website is not allowing the programming to be conducted and attempts to reflash the modules in these later model vehicles have left many Aftermarket programmers stranded and having only one resolve and that is to purchase parts that were perfectly fine and operational before logging onto their OEM server. This is sabotage and definitely in violation of the freedom of Information act and the Clean Air Act.
Other Comments or Concerns
Please help both of these vehicles were running and not in anyway demonstrating a failure in communication, or in the security the cost to put these vehicles back in running order each will cost around 1400.00 dollars, this is unacceptable. The OEM portal should a trusted means to fix vehicles that are within the scope of the laws in place to allow this access. Something needs to be done immediately.
Paul Soar - 06/24/2016
FCA contacted the requester regarding these issues.
Paul Soar - 06/29/2016
FCA support did contact the client. They were unable to connect remotely to the vehicles. FCA requested that both PCMs be shipped to FCA to be flashed and sent back to the requester.

Based on the client's comments, when the PCMs were installed, there was still no access via the J2534 tool and the vehicle ignition would not power up the Gateway. This occurred on both vehicles. The client stated "We decided based on theory that the W.I.N. was the fault. They replaced the WIN into the first of the reprogrammed vehicles, along with the proper PIN for the WCM, we were able to get the vehicle to communicate and run."

In most cases, OEMs (including FCA) do not provide tech support to independents unless it is for tools they have validated. FCA lists 4 validated J-devices listed on page 4 of J2534 manual ( The Snap-on device is not one they have validated. However, FCA support did contact the client and was willing to reflash the modules to verify the PCM.

This SIR was closed because the vehicles were fixed, but it is classified "not satisfied" because the client still has concerns with the J2534 tool and how FCA can deem certain J2534 tools unsuitable.