NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 732 Status: Closed
State: WI Name: mitch
Category of Request: Security Information Manufacturer: 2005 LANDROVER LR3

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Reprogramming pcm and getting code P0633-55 keys not programmed SDD keeps telling me to configure pcm but its has been done.
Description of Information not available
tech info, steeps to resolve the gap in downloads sub menus missing 03 and o4 on all that was sent to the website.
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Two programming subscriptions,100 USD in phone calls 011 44 800 028 0837 5 calls called drew tech. 4 times called 4 land rover dealers, was sent to India where they have no clue what I am talking about.5 plus emails to the oem website where they said there support team would get back to me.that was Friday morning at 930 am.
Other Comments or Concerns
You can look at the logs for SDD I was at my shop Saturday from 630 am till 930 pm trying to solve this issue. your support team is..... to be nice clueless.
Paul Soar - 05/19/2016
When programming certain JLR modules, it will require a subscription with security access. In this situation, the client had programmed a PCM without the security subscription and therefore could not program the security aspects of the module. This set a code P0633 and no crank condition. The client was not aware of needing the security access subscription because TOPix did not list which modules would require the security access. JLR has now revised the programming statement on TOPix to inform users that it is necessary to have a programming subscription with SECURITY ACCESS when programming an IPC, BCM, ECM (PCM), KVM. Please read the official JLR statement: Diagnostic Software Subscriptions (Symptom Driven Diagnostics- SDD) – Independent Repairers Diagnostic Software / Module programming subscriptions - without security access - can be purchased via TOPIx (From the User ID - Options Menu – Programming subscriptions – click add). Module programming - with security access - is necessary to program the IPC, BCM, ECM (PCM), KVM, as well as keys. Licensed locksmiths and independent repairers must be active members of the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) registry to obtain security access. Currently we are only able to support yearly module programming subscriptions with security access. SDD will only support LR vehicles built from 2006 MY onward (LR3 from 2005 MY). Please contact for further information on obtaining security access before a module programming subscription is purchased. Minimum PC specs: Intel® Core I5-2520M 2.5GHz processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz, 4GB SDRAM 1333MHz expandable to 8GB, 320GB (7200 RPM) HD, Must be running IE8 and WIN7 32Bit for SDD.