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Tracking: 714 Status: Closed
State: DE Name: Jonathan
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2013 FORD FUSION

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
I have a NASTF User ID & Password. I have programmed many keys/prox/remotes with my J2534 - 2 pass thru device with no problems. I am using Fords FMP (Ford Module Programming) - However any time I attempt to add a key and go through all of the prompts. When I click on add key in the Ford PATS menu it then brings us to another screen that just explains that your PC must be connected to the internet/have your NASTF user ID & Pass. I also confirmed that my PC was connected to the internet also within the application itself- as it has a network test option. All 100% okay. I know the FMP software also has internet access as well as I need it to check for the PCM part #. So all that checks out and I hit the okay button. I then get to another screen and it expalains there was an error. "Connection to back end server failed." called Ford Motorcraft tech support or Rutunda tech support and they have explained to me that this is a known issue with no known resolution date - and that the only way to bypass it would be to get a VCM Dealer tool. By the way any time the NASTF user id and password aren't requested key adding works perfectly. It's just when it warns you that it will be checking your NASTF user ID and Password. Please help,
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Resolution date of Fix for approved J2534 devices FMP (Ford Module Programming) of adding keys with NASTF User ID & Password.
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Checked Ford website in regards to resolving this issue. Double checked procedures. Contacted Ford Support/Rotunda Telephone Support (Great people - but no resolution).
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When will the problem be fixed?
Paul Soar - 03/21/2016
The current FMP version has had an issue with PATS programming. Ford has tested has fix and has proposed a fix. The fix will be incorporated into the next version of FMP. The release of the new version of FMP99 was on 3/21/16. Incidentally, the error codes that are received are not related to a particular VCI that is used. The errors are occurring with any tool used, whether it is a Ford VCM or a another tool.