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Tracking: 700 Status: Closed
State: FL Name: Jaime
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: CHRYSLER

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I was told by Chrysler that they do not sell a MicroPOD II to aftermarket customers. A purchase was made through ** Tools & Computers. Their statement at time of purchase was it will continue to diagnose but without an active Tech Authority subscription, it will not perform module programming. The tool stopped working. It would not access diagnostics nor programming. When I contacted (e-mailed) them, Chrysler refused to support the tool saying it was purchased through ** Tools and they were who I needed to contact. ** Tools said the tool must be re-registered in order to work at all (differs from what was said at the time of purchase). Chrysler refused to re-register a MicroPOD II that was not sold by Chrysler, and ** Tools wanted $1,445.95 to do so (but included a Tech Authority subscription). The subscription was not needed (obtained elsewhere, and they had said "the tool would work without one") but would they not re-register the tool without it. ** Tools insists the registration fee is required annually yet Chryslers Knowledge Base articles have no mention of registration fees, let alone annual fees.
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E-mailed Chrysler ( ) Numerous e-mails to ** Tools Chrysler Knowledge Base articles ( )
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I was believing NASTF rules state the aftermarket will not pay more than the dealers for OE tooling or information. I believe in these cases (MicroPOD II) the aftermarket shops are not being treated fairly.
Paul Soar - 04/12/2016
There has been considerable concern with the purchase/use of the MicroPod II, Tech Authority subscriptions and how they inter-relate. There are two separate aspects to this SIR that need to be addressed: (I) NASTF and pricing discussions (II) FCA wiTech, SAE J2534, Tech Authority license and subscriptions. NASTF cannot discuss pricing issues due to U.S Antitrust laws. For the NASTF pricing policy go to For a detailed explanation of FCA wiTech go to