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State: AZ Name: Mark
Category of Request: Other or Non-Vehicle Specific Manufacturer: VOLVO

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A Volvo aftermarket repair shop, that prefers to remain unnamed, informs me that there are reflashes to resolve issues with late model Volvo throttle by wire; throttle bodies. Apparently the reflash allows wider variations in the TPS signals. The re-calibrations are only available to service dealers…not subscribing aftermarket shops. The only solution for the aftermarket shop is to replace the throttle body assembly. This shop has current subscriptions for all applicable Volvo scan tool and reflash options. Is this correct? Are there currently Volvo software reflash/reprogramming calibrations not available to the aftermarket? If so why? If other re-calibrations are not available to the aftermarket could we have a list and explanations for each? Thank You
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Bill Haas - 2/10/2005 5:12:07 PM
Your initial question from an "unnamed" technician is very general and as a result it is difficult to address in detail. However, from the information you provided it sounds like they are looking for outdated software. When Volvo first implemented software downloads, they were ordered using Function Identification (FID) numbers. Each FID was developed for a specific vehicle profile to address a specific issue(s). In some cases the technician was required to determine the current version of software in the car to determine which FID was needed. As the vehicle population and the number of downloads grew, this task became increasingly complex. To simplify the process for the technician and to ensure the correct software was always delivered to the vehicle, Volvo modified the software management process. Today, standard software download numbers, called Software Products (SWPs) are ordered by the technician and the software servers create the most up to date software that is appropriate based on the current vehicle configuration. From your comments, I would guess that the technician was looking for a FID that no longer exists. You indicated that a technician subscribes to VolvoTechInfo, so please encourage them to submit a help request anytime they are confused about which download is appropriate. Additionally, you asked about the general availability of calibration software. Volvo's policy is to make the software required to complete repairs available for both emissions and non-emissions systems. Some software downloads (e.g. Total Reloads) are only made available as needed. In these cases a member of the support staff will direct the technician to download the software. If a technician feels a specific download is needed, but can't find it on the list they should submit a help request. If the software is not on the list due to an administrative oversight, it will be corrected. If the software is outdated or not applicable, that will be explained. For software that is available only as needed, and the support staff agrees the software is appropriate for the repair, it will be made available after discussing appropriate warnings, precautions, requirements…etc. with the technician. Finally, there may be a delay when new vehicle systems are introduced as the download application goes through additional quality assurance verifications. Thank-you for this opportunity to address your concerns. Service Operations Volvo Cars of North America, LLC