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State: CO Name: Michael
Category of Request: OEM Special Tools Availability Manufacturer: SUBARU

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I have made a previous request re: Subaru New Select Monitor (Select Monitor II) cartridge availability on the SPX/Kent Moore website. The website does not list the "current" cartridge part #18482AA010RA which is for the 2005/6 model years.
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Dear Mr. Phelps, Please find Subaru’s response to your Service Information Feedback/Request below your original email. -----Original Message----- From: Michael Phelps [] Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 7:55 PM To: Steve Douglas Cc: Linda White;; Bill Haas; John Cabaniss (Association of International Automobile Manufacturers) Subject: NASTF Service Information Feedback/Request Michael Phelps has submitted a Service Information Feedback/Request via iATN: Contact Information Name: Michael Phelps Title: Technician Email: Phone: 7203418828 Company: Michael J. Phelps Location: Colorado Feedback/Request Information Vehicle Manufacturer: Subaru OEM Website Used: OEM Username Used: Web Browser: Microsoft IE Connection Type: (SLOW) Dial-up Modem Date Visited: OEM Number Called: 1-866-213-4690 Contact Name: Date Called: Information Requested of Contact: I have purchased a Subaru Select Monitor II and needed to purchase the latest cartridge. I ordered the 01-Current cartridge, and it does not cover current Subaru vehicles. The website showed And that is what I ordered. What I need is the most current Select Monitor II Cartridge, possibly part # 18482AA010RA. The website does not list this, in fact, it only lists up to the 04 cartridge. Contact's Response: The number I called was from the Subaru tools website, and it is for SPX Kent Moore. They did not have any information. Dear Mr. Phelps, We apologize that Kent-Moore’s Subaru Special Tool web site was not up to date with the most current diagnostic cartridge available for Subaru’s “New Select Monitor”. Similarly, Kent-Moore’s internal system had not been updated to reflect the latest current diagnostic cartridge had superseded a number of the previous diagnostic cartridges. We have spoken to Kent-Moore about this situation and have been informed by them that the Subaru Special Tool web site will be updated by the end of this month to reflect the proper information on diagnostic cartridges. In addition, their internal system has now been updated to also reflect the most current diagnostic cartridge. I have confirmed with Kent-Moore that the part number for the latest diagnostic cartridge is indeed Part # 18482AA010RA. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance in the future. Sincerely, Subaru of America, Inc. Service Department Service Information Technology Division That is a copy of the E-Mail sent to me to resolve this issue. Specifically, the Kent Moore website has not been updated with the correct information. The other issues are in the process of being resolved, and I have no further complaints at this time regarding those issues.
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Steven Douglas - 12/21/2005 4:27:54 PM
Michael, We are in receipt of your most recent NASTF Service Information Feedback/Request. We regret that SPX Kent-Moore failed to update their Subaru Special Tools web site based on the timeframe that they provided to Subaru of America and we provided to you. We have been in frequent communication with them since our last reply to you with regard to getting our Special Tool web site updated, but have been unsuccessful with getting them to update the site. To correct this situation, we will be posting our diagnostic scan tool and related information (i.e. cartridges, etc.) to our own Special Tool area on our Subaru Technical Information System web site. Our ETA for having our site updated with this information, given the upcoming holidays and web site resources being out of the office both at Subaru and our web site vendor, is January 11, 2006. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay of diagnostic tool information may have caused you. It is our understanding that SPX Kent-Moore’s internal system has been updated with our latest diagnostic tool information at the time of your last contact. We have confirmed this with a QA check. In our last response to you, we did confirm and provide the part number of our latest diagnostic cartridge. You had indicated that this was the information that was missing on Kent-Moore’s web site and was what you needed to purchase the cartridge you were looking for. I hope that information supplied you with what you required at that time. Sincerely, Subaru of America, Inc. Service Department Service Information Technology Division