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State: MA Name: John
Category of Request: Other or Non-Vehicle Specific Manufacturer: FORD

Have you checked the OEM website?
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Calibration CD's for flashing Ford products with an NGS.
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We are an authorized reseller of the Ford "Flash" product available to the aftermarket though an agreement between Hickok and Ford Motor Company. This product includes both hardware and a CD based 1 year software subscription of recalibration files. Together these pieces enables any shop with an NGS scanner to be able to reflash Ford products. Appx. 10 months ago Ford announced they were discontinuing sending out the Falsh CD subscription updates. At that time we were advised the current subscriptions holders would receive two final updates in calendar year 2005, thus fulfilling their subscription. I should note that at the time of the announcement the current subscriptions holders had not been updated with new CD's for almost 1 year, as there was always a delay in sending the new products for one reason or another. As of today, December 12th 2005, neither of these promised CD updates have been provided. Additionally, the Motorcraft web site was set up to allow reflashing with a J2534 device but not the NGS. So all current NGS owners who purchased the Ford Falsh product, found they were unable to reflash without the added burden of purchasing either the Motorcraft newly introduced tool or a generic J2534 device. We currently have appx. 100 shops that are looking for these two promised CD Rom updates. By no means does this number represent the entire US population of shops effected, just the ones that we have personally dealt with. The cumulative dollars spent by just these shops to enable them to reflash Ford products exceeds $100,000 and I suspect nationally that number is much higher, perhaps by a factor of 30 to 50 or even more. I believe there are enough effected parties to persue a class action suit against Ford, but I would prefer to avoid the time delays of that course. Please advise if you can help me out in resolving this situation. John Jenkins President/CEO 1-508-238-5855 CAS of New England,Inc.
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Steven Douglas - 12/29/2005 10:43:59 AM
Dear John, As we discussed on the phone in our initial conversation, distribution of the CDs for the Hickok product you referenced is handled entirely by Hickok. After receiving your inquiry and contacting them, Ford has verified that no distribution has been made in 2005 despite the fact that Ford believes all necessary data has been provided to Hickok. We do not have an official statement from Hickok on their plans for a release. We will contact Hickok again to determine if there is any other issue that is unknown to Ford. Please note that this Hickok product is pre-J2534 release and Ford's J2534 reprogramming product is not affected by this. It is our belief that this isn't the best forum for this discussion. As a result, if Ford is able to obtain any additional information from Hickok we will contact you directly rather than continuing this dialog via the NASTF forum. Sincerely, Ford Consumer Service Division 12/23/05.
Steven Douglas - 12/29/2005 10:45:47 AM
Thanks for your quick response and yes I am aware that the CD's in question are released through Hickok. I am also under the impression from communications with Hickok's National Sales manager, that as of last week they had yet to receive the needed calibration information to complete the production of a Ford Flash calibration CD update. This situation has been like this for over 18 months and it is the core issue that has been the basis for my complaint. Hopefully this can be corrected through this process. Sincerely, John 12/27/05