NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 639 Status: Closed - Requester Satisfied
State: TX Name: Mike
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2006 NISSAN XTERRA

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
My Customer purchased a BLANK TCM (Valve Body) Part Number 31705-08x5d,
Description of Information not available
End Software Version for this part number
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Contacted Autonation Nissan in Irving Texas to try to find the end software that is suppose to work with the stated vehicle, ( that is where the Valve body came from )they had no idea & where to find the end software information. According to the Nissan Web site, the information is suppose to be available from Nissan Dealer, when Part is purchased.
Other Comments or Concerns
Also will the Blank TCM program with the Consult 2 I have, , Do I need a Consult 3 or a Consult 3 Plus, or will the J2534 work with the NERS Software and Blank Programming. I would like to purchase a Consult 3 plus, if I could find a dealer that would sell it to me
Paul Soar - 05/15/2015
The internal TCM P/N should be read before replacement. If the internal part number of the TCM was not read before replacement, the next best option is to contact the website support. At this time, only CONSULT III plus can be used for programming blank modules and the programming files are only available under the CONSULT III plus tab on the website. Additionally, NERS software is in the process of being updated to support this new blank programming and the target release date is in August.