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Tracking: 620 Status: Closed
State: VA Name: JAMES
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2000 ISUZU RODEO

Have you checked the OEM website?
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Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
CALLED Par-Tech, Inc. 139 Ellen Drive. Lake Orion, MI. 48359. (248) 276-0213 AND SPOKE WITH STEVE WALLACE, CINDY AND FINALLY GARY who said calibration subscriptions were not available, that only option was to remove computer and mail to Michigan to be programmed and mailed back.
Other Comments or Concerns website Service Information menu tab currently has "1. How does a technician determine whether a reprogramming event is needed for a particular vehicle? Data needed is available to subscribers at From the menu, select Service Information / Isuzu ESI. Enter the model and model year to review Service Bulletins, Campaign Bulletins, and Calibrations. 2. What OEM equipment is needed to reprogram vehicles? How to obtain tools? The Tech 2 is classified as an Isuzu Motors America, Inc. dealer essential tool. For more information or purchasing the Tech 2, contact Kent Moore at (800) 345-2233. Additionally, the Tech 2 PCMCIA cards may be updated with the purchase of a one time Tech 2 PCMCIA Card update. Tech 2 PCMCIA Card Update form is available at From the menu, select Services Offered / Tech 2 PCMCIA Card Update. 3. What J2534 reprogramming capabilities are available? Isuzu Motors America, Inc. has tested and validated the following J2534 interface devices to ensure they work safely and efficiently with our software; Drew Technologies (CarDAQ-Plus) Actia (PassThru+XS) Blue Streak Electronics (i flash) Recommendations listed above do not constitute an endorsement by Isuzu Motors America, Inc. Additionally, always check with the J2534 device manufacturer for the most current firmware versions before attempting any reprogramming. 4. Please identify computer system requirements needed to support reprogramming. A PC operating within the minimal specifications set forth below: Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system One free COM Port One free USB Port Intel 2.4 GHz or greater 256 MB RAM 2 GB of free hard drive space 16X DVD ROM" which can not be used as listed on website due to them not making calibration data subscriptions available.
Isuzu reprogramming files are available. However, does not provide downloadable calibrations for reprogramming. The reprogramming files are supplied through Isuzu Diagnostic System (IDS) CD and can be purchased through the Isuzu store. Reprogramming can only be done using either the IDS Software System with a validated SAE J2534 device or with a Tech 2. OEM equipment and IDS system software (which includes reprogramming files) can be ordered from the Isuzu Source Store. >If using a Tech 2, reprogramming files can be purchased on an updated Tech 2 PCMCIA Card that can be purchased through The PCMCIA cards contain the Service Programming System (SPS) application which allows the Tech 2 to program control modules with vehicle calibration data. >Also, if you need a replacement PCM programmed and do not have the validated tools needed, Isuzu offers a PCM Reprogramming Service through Par-Tech. This service can be ordered through