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Tracking: 589 Status: Closed
State: NY Name: dusty
Category of Request: Manufacturer: 2002 DODGE 1500 5.9L 4X4

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Reflash PCM/Transmission controller
Description of Information not available
controller failure
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
contacted Genysys and Tech authority
Other Comments or Concerns
I am trying to reflash the pcm on a 2002 dodge 1500 with a transmission issue, i have chrysler's legacy application and the appropriate flash file for this vehicle, but i get a "SCI-A, SCI-B FAILED" message at the end of the attempt, allong with a message that the controller can not be programed. before i ship this off to the dealer for a new PCM and have them flash it, do you have any advice? i am using a Genisys touch VCI module with a laptop to do this, and i have flashed dozens of vehicles using this device. the device is connected properly and is functioning normally, i do not THINK it is a hardware issue.
Skip Potter - 7/1/2014
Chrysler has identified an issue with certain J2534 devices (HardWare / DLL) while programming SCI protocol based ECU reprogramming. Recognizing they have no control over the J2534 device manufacturing & software implementation, Chrysler recommends to use CTC Vehicle Box J2534 ( device while performing SCI protocol based ECU reprogramming event using J2534 flash application. Chrysler has not identified any issue with programming SCI protocol ECUs using the CTC Vehicle Box J2534 device. Specifically, in reference to SIR #589 : Prior to re-programming the ECU, application needs to establish a successful communication with ECU. Based on the information provided by user, there is an issue communicating with an ECU. As the application is unable to established communication with an ECU, issue is not related with application. It would be either on Vehicle side or J2534 device. As we have limited information available, we recommend the user to follow the steps below: 1. Remove any / all aftermarket parts installed (If applicable) 2. Check Vehicle wiring 3. Use recommended J2534 device