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State: NJ Name: John
Category of Request: OEM Special Tools Availability Manufacturer: MITSUBISHI

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I am unable to diagnose current Mitsubishi model vehicles
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Mitsubishi Mut3 Scan Tool Updates
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I purchased the Mitsubishi Subscription MIT540031-AM-SUB on 08/20/2013 and never received anything until 10/03/2013 after numerous calls to both Mitsubishi & Bosch Automotive Service Solutions. This DVD that was sent to me was nothing more than an installation software disc that basically Ghosted my Panasonic CF-31 Toughbook Laptop (CF-31JEGAX1M) to be a mirrored image of what Mitsubishi wanted on my hard drive. After installation the laptop was loaded with MUT3 Version 29.0 software. Here we are now in May of 2014 and I have not received ANY update at all. We are talking 7 MONTHS without ANYTHING pertaining to a so called subscription. There is no way to find out what level of software Mitsubishi is running currently on the MUT3 because: 1) Nobody at Bosch has that type of information because they only sell part #'s of products without product support 2) Mitsubishi does not provide automatic internet updates like most manufactures do 3) Mitsubishi DOES NOT post ANY info on their website about current software levels for the MUT3 other then a Flyer that directs you to Bosch Automotive Service Solutions There is NO Contact for me to call to ask "Where is my Software?" I have spent $1284 for just an Install disc and that is it. How is this a subscription when nothing follows after an install disc????? I don't understand how Mitsubishi can run a business like this for the aftermarket Technician. I have current Subscriptions for Ford, GM, Chrysler. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia. I can tell you that these companies make it so easy to purchase software subscriptions and they all have access to give current software levels for their scan tools and they also have knowledgeable support people for scan tool software and reprogramming software questions or issues.... I just don't understand Mitsubishi's reason for not having this same service in place!!!!! Please help me on this issue and make things easier for other Techs out there who care to work on Mitsubishis using the factory MUT3 scan tool.
Skip Potter - 5/7/2014
OEM contacted client and indicated that the latest version 30 is available on a DVD for independents with a valid subscription. Further, OEM indicated they would post the current software version on the website to alert technicians to possible updates which are not distributed automatically.
Skip Potter - 6/5/2014
OEM announced new feature on the free-side of their tech website to address this question and now includes the MUT tool version number for convenience.
Skip Potter - 6/10/2014
I want to thank NASTF for all their help!! Mitsubishi finally sent out my Version #30 software for my Mitsubishi MUT III about a week ago and now I am covered through 2014 :)) They have also added more MUT III information on their website that allows a user to be aware of the current software available. Thank you NASTF & Mitsubishi for being able to work together in getting things done.